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2018 Ashoka U Exchange
Big Idea Talk: Franchising the Social Sector 
April 5, 2018
Boston, MA

Social Sector Franchising State of the Field 2018
May 9, 2018 

As social sector franchising (SSF) gains acceptance as a powerful option for replicating social enterprise, what are the prospects for significant dissemination of the methodology globally? In what sector has social franchising seen its greatest growth? What can we learn from social franchises like Woman 360, a network of antenatal care (ANC) health clinics recently launched in Ghana? Or from the development of the social franchise Jibu, an Uganda based concept delivering affordable, clean water to communities in Uganda and now operating internationally? We will examine their model and discuss how financial sustainability and making life-saving health impacts are mutually reinforcing objectives of Social Sector Franchising.


Download PDF  of presentation of the Women 360 Social Franchise in Ghana diescussed in this webinar. 

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Replication and Scaling for Impact: What are the options?
Does Social Franchising have a competitive advantage?  
April 11, 2018 

In this first webinar of the Social Sector Franchise Initiative 2018 Webinar series we will explore a variety of issues and questions about scaling social enterprises. There is an urgent need to scale promising social enterprises that can meet vital human needs. But are we making headway in identifying the most effective pathways to scale? What do we know about the various options for scaling social enterprises, in terms of their relative abilities to reach significant numbers of customers while holding true to their social mission? Why do many social enterprises fail to scale?  What are the roles of industry facilitators and service providers in enabling scale? We often assume scaling equals replication—what are other routes to scale?



Bill Maddocks, MSCED, Carsey School of Public Policy, University of New Hampshire was a guest presenter for an International Franchise Association webinar on Social Sector Franchising and Shared Value.These webinars were produced by our partner the IFA Social Sector Task Force. 


Dr. Fiona Wilson, Executive Director of the Center for Social Innovations and Enterprise was a guest presenter for an International Franchise Association webinar on Social Sector Franchising and Shared Value entitled “Business for People, Planet & Profits.” These webinars were produced by our partner the IFA Social Sector Task Force. 

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By definition Social Sector Franchises promise to deliver needed goods and services at scale with measurable social impact. While a large number of tools and frameworks are available for measuring impact there are limitations to how well they will keep up with franchise growth without becoming prohibitively cumbersome or costly. In this webinar we will review a few of the more common approaches to impact measurement and their limitations and will learn about an exciting new tool for impact measurement developed by Acumen. In its application across the globe Lean Data is making it possible for social enterprises get accurate and timely data at relatively low cost and ease of implementation.

 Guest moderator Fiona Wilson, Executive Director of the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise  will be joined by Greg Starbird a social franchise expert to discuss the importance and challenges of impact data measurement in social sector franchising. Fiona and Greg will be joined by Ashley Speyer Acumen’s Lean Data Senior Associate who will describe this exciting methodology and give examples from its use with several of Acumen’s social businesses. A question and answer segment will give broadcast viewers a chance to interact with our webinar guests.


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There are a range of investment vehicles currently used to support social sector franchises in health, water, sanitation, education, clean energy, and agriculture.  Each is attracted to the tremendous potential that the franchise model can deliver for social and financial returns.  That potential can only be realized when social franchises are developed in a methodical way that requires different types of resources at various stages of growth.  Better coordination among financing institutions to create blended financing options that drive healthy growth of social franchises will benefit investors, investees, and the people that social sector franchises serve.  In our second webinar guest moderator Julie McBride of MSA Worldwide will engage guests in a discussion around current financial products and investment practices and opportunities for creating more strategic ways to support social franchising. Guests include Michael Swack from the Center for Impact Finance at UNH a leader in the impact investment field, John Simon from TOTAL Impact Capital, a boutique finance firm specializing in sourcing and developing private investment opportunities that are socially and financially attractive and Randy Welsch, Co-founder of Jibu, a for-profit business with the integrated goals of making money and making charitable impact. 

Download the Powerpoint Presentation

The Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise's Living Case Study Social Sector Franchise Accelerator is an action learning and research project, which will take place over eight months with three entrepreneurs who are new or emerging social sector franchisers. Jibu is rapidly expanding its clean water franchising in East Africa recently opening a new franchise center in Kigali, Rwanda. Our first webinar moderated by Bill Maddocks will explore how Jibu’s expansion is progressing and we will talk with LCSA protégé Mark Mutaahi, his mentor Peter Holt, Jibu co-founder Galen Welsch and Rwanda country director Nathan Dowling about operational challenges including  the need for proper training and data to drive decision making as franchisees are recruited and a marketing strategy is plotted.

Broadcast participants are encouraged read the LCSA Jibu page and blog entries and come to the webinar ready to ask questions and be active members of this real time learning opportunity.


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