Social Sector Franchise Accelerator and Living Case Studies

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Social Sector Franchise Accelerator (SSFA) is a combined accelerator and action learning/applied research project. The accelerator takes place over eight months and engages emerging social sector franchise entrepreneurs who receive intensive organizational support including ongoing mentoring with a commercial franchise expert from the International Franchise Association (IFA), Social Sector Task Force (SSTF). The action learning/applied research will produce Living Case Study blog posts, descriptive and full length case studies on the social sector franchises who participate in the accelerator.  

The 2018-19 SSFA is now underway! Meet the participants who were selected for this year's Accelerator Program!


The Accelerator Process

  • Nomination and Selection - SSFA social sector franchisers (known as protégés) are nominated by UNH faculty, SSFI Advisory Board members or IFA SSTF members and reflect a diversity of franchise models, products or services, maturity, financing, geographic location, etc.

    Protégés and mentors take part in a multi-day kick-off event, where pprotégés and mentors start to build their relationship and protégés present their most critical strategic issues related to the scaling of their concept. Mentors work with their assigned entrepreneurs to discuss and refine their strategic priorities and help forge Action Plans to accelerate franchise expansion and guide the mentoring process.

  • Mentoring - Commences shortly after the kick-off sessions and continues via teleconference for the next seven months between the social franchiser and expert commercial franchise mentors.
  • Action Research and the Living Case Study– UNH Student Research Fellows are assigned to a specific SSFA mentor and protégé team and listen in to each call. Student Research Fellows visit the social franchises in the field to conduct in depth research. Fellows write a descriptive case study and contribute to the writing of a full-length case study about the assigned social sector franchise and their progress made during their time in the Accelerator Program. ​

Social Sector Franchise Accelerator and Living Case Studies Activities Milestone Calendar 

  • March 13: SSFA application process opens
  • April 27: SSFA application process closes 5 PM EDT
  • July: SSFA 2018-19 Protégé Cohort selection announced
  • Mid-September: Mentor and Protégé matches announced
  • October 10-11: Mentor-Protégé orientation and kick-off sessions
  • November 5 (approximately): LCSA Mentor-Protégé calls begin
  • January 7-18, 2019: Visits by UNH student research fellows to SSFA protégé sites.
  • May 2019: SSFA Mentor-Protégé calls end