Social Sector Franchise Accelerator and Living Case Studies

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Welcome to the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise’s Social Sector Franchise Initiative Living Case Study web pages. The Living Case Study is an action learning and research project, which will follow entrepreneurs who are new or emerging social sector franchisers over the duration of their time as protégé’s of the Social Sector Franchise Accelerator (SSFA). As SSFA protégé’s these social sector franchisers will receive intensive organizational support including mentoring with a commercial franchise expert from the International Franchise Association’s Social Sector Task Force Mentoring program, participating in online learning events and on-going support from the Social Sector Franchise Initiative at the University of New Hampshire. The social sector franchises will be studied through case research conducted by UNH students and faculty that will document the progress within individual Living Case Studies. We invite you to follow along as we chronicle the progress of the franchisers through periodic reports and webinars. Watch this page and sign up for updates below. 

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How are the cases selected? 

SSFA protégé’s are nominated by UNH faculty, SSFI Advisory Board members or IFA SSTF members and detailed applications are submitted to UNH CSIE. Follow up telephone/Skype interviews with candidates are conducted in some cases. The vetting and selection of protégés is made by a committee comprised of CSIE/UNH staff and IFA SSTF members.  Criteria for selection id coordinated with the designed agenda for the Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable (SSFIR) so the cases reflect a diversity of franchise models, products or services, maturity, financing, geographic location etc. Social sector franchisers (SSFs) are also invited to be featured in a monthly blog which chronicles their progress as they meet with mentors and confront challenges building their enterprises. The SSF protégé’s are also asked to host visits of UNH students, faculty, mentors and/or SSFI Advisory Board members for field level research.

What happens during the Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable (SSFIR)?


The Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable (SSFIR) is an invitation only conference convening the SSFA protégés, a diverse cross section of social sector franchise entrepreneurs, commercial franchise experts, social impact donors and investors, scholars, and students. On the first day of the roundtable SSFA protégés make descriptive presentations about their franchise business model and the context in which they operate. On the second day protégés present critical issues they are facing describing their vision, strategic objectives and concerns, questions, or uncertainties about strategy at the unit level, expansion strategy and more.

Then, through a Solutions Iterations Process SSFIR conference participants break into groups and work with each of the SSF entrepreneurs to develop action plans. The action plans include specific recommendations for how each critical issue could be addressed, short-term and longer-term actions the franchisers will take, and the specific ways the mentor will provide technical assistance and support to the protégé. 

Social Sector Franchise Accelerator and Living Case Studies Activities Milestone Calendar 

October 18-19

Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable at the University of New Hampshire, Durham. SSFA protégés meet their mentors, made presentations describing their franchises and the critical issues they face. A Solutions Iterations Process develops an Action Plan to be carried out by each protégé with the support from their mentor. 

First SSFA check in between mentors-mentees. What conditions and circumstances have changed since the SSFIR? What adjustments need to be made in the Action Plan? What new insights do mentors have about their protégés and their SSFs? What advice and/or learning have been most useful so far for protégés? What are the next steps?
December 2017 SSFA website and Living Case Study blogs launched. 

Second SSFA Check In calls between mentors-protégé. Blog updates from Second SSFA check in calls posted on SSFA website


UNH Student Action Research Assistants visit home countries of SSFA protégé social franchises for one week documenting key features of the social franchises through interviews, observation, review of pertinent company management documents and marketing materials, discussions with the franchise owner and country director, other key staff members, franchisees, customers and community members. 

First Living Case Study Webinar of 2018 series focusing on issues identified during the SSFA process (specific webinar focus to be announced). Broadcast audience will be invited to ask questions.

February 2018

Third SSFA check in calls between mentors-mentees. 

Second Living Case Study Webinar series event.   
Blogs from third SSFA Check in calls posted on SSFA website

Third and final Living Case Study Webinar series event. Details to be announced.

Fourth and final SSFA Check in calls between mentors-mentees.


Blogs from fourth SSFA Check in calls posted on SSFA website.


Living Case Studies ready for final editing.