Spring 2020 Cohort

cohort in Boston


Tess Atallah

Tess is a senior majoring in English. She transferred from Roanoke college as a sophomore and found a love for writing because of her wonderful journalism professors. Through her college career, she found a passion for marketing and photography which allowed her to apply her writing skills into photo-journalism as well. Tess is currently spending her last semester doing a fellowship with Cortico, a non-profit organization through MIT, working to foster constructive public conversation to build a better understanding of one another. Cortico is a non-profit within MIT Media Lab that strives to build systems that bring under-heard community voices and stories to the public. Tess is very excited about the semester in Boston and hopes to end up in the city after she graduates! 

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KiarraKiarra Austin

Kiarra is a junior studying Political Science and Women’s Studies. Over the last three years, she has been a part of various organizations on campus. Serving as the Business Manager and Co-Chair of the Native American Culture Association, as the Chair of Fraternity and Sorority life on Student Senate, as Secretary of NALA, as a sister of Alpha Xi Delta and serving on the PanHellenic Council as programming assistant. She has also worked as a Mentor for the Connect Program, a program that supports a smooth transaction to college for minority, low income and/or first-generation students. During her Spring 2020 semester, Kiarra is interning at the Community Resources for Justice as a social justice fellow. Spending her days at the Coolidge House and the McGrath House, she will be working closely with newly released offenders as they transition to everyday society. Kiarra is most excited for the opportunity to make genuine impacts on people's lives for the better and a direct hand in positive change. Kiarra’s passion for social justice and prison reform advocacy comes from her believing that we are all products of our environment, and seeing the lasting impacts that mass incarceration has left on Kiarra’s community has made changing that environment, her primary mark of success. She is beyond excited to be working directly with this population and learning how to best serve them during her time with Semester in the City.

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GraceGrace Bailer

Grace is a junior majoring in both Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies. Grace has a passion for connecting with her peers and fulfills this through her role as Co-Leader of the Eating Concerns Mentors, a group of UNH students who provide confidential, individual support and information about body image, eating concerns, and eating disorders. Grace is currently spending the semester as a Strategic Initiatives Fellow for the Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter in Boston. Grace hopes to gain confidence in her work as an intuitive problem solver, and ultimately share the skills she’s acquired over the semester with a collaborative business that emphasizes the importance of inclusivity upon graduation.

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CamilleCamille Bryant

Camille is a senior at UNH Manchester majoring in Business. She is currently spending her spring semester doing a fellowship with FamilyAid Boston; a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower families facing homelessness to secure and sustain housing, as well as build strong foundations for their children’s futures. Camille will be working with the operations team, as well as numerous lawyers to update the organization’s employee handbook. Throughout this experience, Camille wishes to grow a stable network through the many connections of the non-profit, as well as gain experience managing an organization. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and spending time with family.

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HannahHannah Chisholm

Hannah is a junior at UNH Manchester studying Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership. She also works on campus in the Career and Professional Success office as a Career Peer and is a member of the Student Coalition for Service and Empowerment. Hannah is currently interning with Generation Citizen, a nonprofit organization in Boston working to provide an action-oriented civics education to students across Eastern Massachusetts and the country. She will be supporting teachers and helping to plan the student showcase events called Civics Day across several school districts. Hannah is excited to work with Generation Citizen because her high school civics class jumpstarted her desire to be involved in government and advocacy.

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KyleighKyleigh Cooley

Kyleigh is a junior at UNH Manchester. On top of working full time as a bartender, Kyleigh makes Dean's list at her school. When Kyleigh's not at school or work, she loves trying new foods, hanging out with friends, and shopping. For the Spring 2020 semester, Kyleigh is at The Williams Agency as a marketer and events coordinator. During her time with this agency, she hopes to learn what it takes to be a great leader and develop more self-confidence. Kyleigh hopes her passion for social media will help her create strong marketing posts during her time at The Williams Agency. She is excited to network and wants to make a difference within the Greater Boston community as she works as an intern.

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MasamiMasami Dustin

Masami is a junior majoring in Business Management and minoring in Psychology. He holds a position as a journal assistant for the section editor of the Journal of Business Ethics, Corporate Responsibility: Quantitative Issues, and is a member of the Paul Scholars. Masami has focused heavily on academics throughout college and has cumulatively earned Highest Honors Dean’s List. This semester, he is doing a fellowship as a Strategic Projects Associate with FamilyAid Boston, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower parents facing homelessness to secure and sustain housing while building strong foundations for their children’s future. He is most excited to learn the ins and outs of nonprofit management while also making a positive impact on the community around him. This type of work has always intrigued him, as he believes business is the best way to make and spread change. Masami hopes to walk away knowing the organization is in an even better place than it was when he arrived. He has been waiting for an opportunity to get professional experience while simultaneously helping those in need and looks forward to working alongside the FamilyAid Boston team.

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BarbaraBarbara Ferraz

Barbara is a junior at UNH Manchester majoring in Business Management. She enjoys the outdoors and building relationships with new people. Barbara is currently spending her fall semester doing a fellowship with Union Capital Boston, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform social capital into opportunity by rewarding community engagement. She will be creating a data analysis project of the member impact, feedback, and opportunities for improvement. In the summer of 2019, Barbara worked as a Social Innovation Intern at Old Sol Alliance as a Concert Corp Member. She leveraged the power of live music and music fans, to help plan and create hands-on service projects, which made social and environmental impact; she also organized member development.

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CynthyaCynthya Gluck

Cynthya is a sophomore studying English/Journalism and Sustainability. She is a member of the Honors Program, participating in the Interdisciplinary Track because she values experiential learning over a traditional classroom setting. To enhance her Sustainability education, she participated in the 2019 New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge. She was a Student Track Finalist with her Portable Feminine Hygiene Pack, a fanny pack consisting of a menstrual cup and cleaning supplies intended for distribution in shelters. To similarly enhance her journalism education, she is a Storytelling Fellow for UNH’s Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise, focusing on student spotlight stories and event coverage. To continue her journalistic work in the social sector, she will be an Editorial Fellow at The GroundTruth Project during her Spring 2020 semester. She is excited to be a part of an innovative newsroom with the mission of reporting on underreported areas and issues of the world. Her work at GroundTruth will complement her ongoing research in which she will be presenting on “The Value of Diverse Consumption in Journalism” for the 2020 Northeast Regional Honors Council in Albany, New York in April. During her internship and through her research, she is hoping to get her foot in the door of Solutions journalism, which reports on the ongoing responses to social problems. The importance of empathy and transparency, as well as the danger of division during the political climate of the 21st Century, is what fuels her to pursue this work.

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kaiteKatie Kerrigan

Katie is a junior majoring in Social Work with a minor in Psychology. On-campus, she is the Vice President of the Student Organization of Social Work and a Student Mentor for Buddies Without Borders. While in Boston Katie will be a College, Career and Alumni Fellow with St. Stephens Youth Programs, whose mission is to promote equity in education, employment, and opportunity through long-term relationships with young people, their families, and communities. Katie will be helping design and build a system for tracking seniors and alumni through the college application process and beyond.

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EthanEthan McDonough

Ethan is a second-year dean's list student dual majoring in Political Science and Sustainability. As a nontraditional student, Ethan balances work and education. Outside of academics, he likes to backpack internationally and gain new experiences and connections. As an intern at CREW, Communities Responding to Extreme Weather, Ethan is excited about becoming an agent of change while also growing his professional skill set. During the Semester in the City, he seeks to expand his network of change-makers and professionals, Hone and improve organizational and public speaking tools, and gain experience in a professional setting. Ethan will help CREW put together an inter-sectional panel discussion that will help raise awareness and preparedness within communities that are at risk of extreme weather events. It is this kind of grassroots approach to problem-solving that makes Ethan so interested in CREW, and other climate orientated nonprofits.

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CatarinaCaterina Roman

Caterina is a sophomore studying Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. On-campus, she is a member of the Organic Gardening Club, Green Living Club and a brother of Alpha Phi Omega. Along with her student organizations and community service efforts around the town of Durham, Caterina focuses on her research job which works with squash breeding and genetics. This semester she is a fellow at Green City Growers, an urban agriculture company focused on increasing local food production and self-sufficiency. Through this experience, Caterina is looking forward to exploring the business side of farming and deepening her understanding of innovative agricultural systems that increase access to fresh produce while also protecting the environment.

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MadisonMadison Roy

Madison is a sophomore Social Work major with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. On-campus, Maddy is an Outreach Educator for the Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program, a member of the Students Organization of Social Work, and continuously commits her time to projects that focus on alleviating social injustice and oppression. While in Boston, she is interning at the Brookline Teen Center fulfilling the mission of providing a safe, enjoyable environment where teenagers can engage in constructive, educational, and leisure activities. Along with fulfilling the mission, Maddy will be providing support for youth in areas of education, and the workforce, while supporting staff with programming, marketing, and event planning. Also, she will be processing donations in Salesforce, responding to rental inquiries, entering new members into the system, and creating a master plan for their social media platform. Maddy has always had an interest in making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and this program offers her the opportunity to apply her skills and education to the real world as she continues on her path of becoming a changemaker. More specifically, it is Maddy’s aspiration of working for a cause and developing a solution for a broad range of social issues that drives her ambition to transform the lives of people in this society. With this in mind, Maddy is hoping that her work in the social sector will help to strengthen and expand her personal and professional brand amongst a diverse community.

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JuliaJulia Scanlan

Julia is a sophomore Social Work major. On-campus, she is a writer and editor for HerCampus as well as an after-school tutor with Seacoast Reads. This spring she will be interning at Project Hope in Roxbury. Julia is most excited about her special project, which is adult education centered around English proficiency and job training. During her time at Semester in the City, she will be developing her skills in professional outreach and advocacy, working with sponsors and volunteers. Julia is so excited to put everything she has learned in her social work classes into action, and to incorporate it with education, about which she is very passionate!


KylaKyla Tiongson

Kyla is a Communication Sciences and Disorders major. On-campus, Kyla is an active member of Seacoast Reads where she helps children read and provides emotional support to those who need extra attention. She is also a member of the United Asian Coalition to learn about the diverse cultures of her fellow members. Currently, Kyla is doing a fellowship at an after school program called St. Stephen's Youth Program. She will be creating a series of STEM-based lesson plans encouraging critical thinking skills children can apply to their future careers. She hopes to gain leadership skills by teaching elementary school counselors. Her passion for science, diversity, and her love of working with kids makes her eager to see the impact she will make on the Boston community.

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LexaLexa Watson

A junior at UNH, Lexa studies anthropology and learns of faraway places from the comfort of home. Despite the short commute, she comes early for class and stays late to lead the taekwondo sports club during the night. Now placed in Breaktime Cafe, Inc. she uses her leadership strengths to work with young adults in vulnerable communities. She takes strides to make partnership connections and bring together resources with transparency and loyalty to all involved. She works on a large scale project of implementing donor and supporter platforms for Breaktime Cafe, Inc. such as Salesforce, Guide Star. In addition, she documents the process of setting up a grassroots organization and aids in progressing the cafe to its opening in 2020. The reason as to why she chose this non-profit was due to her experience as an adoptee and understanding that the foster care system often does not support young adults who age out of the system.

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kearaKeara Welch

Keara is a sophomore majoring in both Human Development and Family Studies as well as Educational Studies. Through her college career, she has earned her name on the Dean’s list for the past two years. As for her involvement on campus, she is very active in her Kappa Delta sorority and volunteers as a tutor at a local elementary school near her campus. Keara is currently interning for 826 Boston at the Boston Teachers Union School, where she will be tutoring students 1 on 1 ranging from grades K-8 in both reading and writing. She is looking forward to her upcoming semester in Boston and hopes she will leave a lasting impact on the students with whom she has the opportunity to meet and work. 

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KianaleeKianalee Zabala

Kianalee is a junior at UNH Manchester majoring in Business Management who started her first year of college in a leadership position at the Bartlett School in Lowell. Where she helped volunteer for an after school program which provided snacks, dinner, cooking/computer classes and homework help to the students. Kianalee is currently a Community Engagement Fellow with St. Stephen's Youth Program, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote equity in education, employment, and opportunity through long-term relationships with youth and their families and communities. She will be creating a social media project that will help staff and all of St. Stephen's members to understand the importance of self-networking to make connections that will lead to future opportunities.