Net Impact UNH

Net Impact is a national nonprofit organization and we are proud to represent the UNH chapter. The mission of Net Impact is to inspire students to think beyond the financial bottom line and work towards achieving a triple bottom line (economic, social, and environmental) as they move forward with their careers and endeavors. We use our diverse majors and talent to come up with innovative solutions to environmental and social issues in our community. These ideas are organized into projects, which we enter into Net Impact competitions and challenges.  In addition, we devote our time to community service and fundraising for our projects. Net Impact UNH also works in close partnership with the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise (CSIE), an interdisciplinary center offering high impact experiences for UNH students to apply their academic learning in real-world settings. 

Interested in joining Net Impact UNH? 
Reach out to our Vice President, Jake Gehrung603.762.6319.

For the Fall ’19 and Spring ’19 semesters, Net Impact will be holding weekly meetings in MUB room 114 F on Thursdays from 6:00-7:00pm!  

Meet Our Board 

Image of BradeyBradey Malave | President 
Bradey is a senior majoring in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability and is minoring in Economics. As President of Net Impact UNH, his goals include making a difference at UNH beyond his years.


Image of JakeJake Gehrung | Vice President 
Jake is a junior majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Business Administration. He joined Net Impact as a freshman at Bentley University. After transferring to UNH, he became Vice President of UNH’s chapter. He joined Net Impact because he values sustainability and recognizes the importance of social innovation.

Image of GregGreg Servaes | Treasurer
Greg is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Film Studies. He joined Net Impact UNH because he wanted to apply his understanding of economics to make environmental change on campus.


Image of SydneySydney Whittum | Secretary
Syd is a freshman majoring in Anthropology. She joined Net Impact UNH because her mom wanted her to make more friends.


Image of TomTom Schmalz | Head of Marketing
Tom is a senior majoring in Program and Event Management. As Head of Marketing, his role is to attract new members, manage public relations, and better the image of the chapter. He chose to join Net Impact UNH because of his love and passion for the environment.

Image of TroyTroy Hartmann | Community Service Manager
Troy is a senior majoring in Economics. He joined Net Impact UNH in order to make a positive environmental impact at UNH.


Image of MikeMike Mancini | Fundraising Coordinator 
Mike is a Junior Recreational Management & Policy major with a focus in sports management and a business minor. He joined Net Impact this spring because he wanted to get more involved with the wildcat community and figured "what better way to get involved than through helping the environment."