2017 Internships

Our 2017 Social Innovation Internship hosts are leading for-profit and non-profit organizations, each with an innovative, market-based approach achieving its social or environmental mission. Click on the host name to see its description, scroll down to see all internships.

Community and Economic Development

  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY (CDFA) seeks an intern to help shape the future of the CDFA Economic Development Fund in New Hampshire. [Concord, NH]
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE COMMUNITY LOAN FUND (ROC NH)seeks two interns on their state team, to end housing insecurity and financial vulnerability among residents of manufactured housing (mobile home) communities. [Concord, NH]
  • NORTHERN FOREST CENTER seeks an intern to advance its use of digital marketing and social media to recruit people and businesses that could benefit from the Center’s programs and help build a vibrant future for the region.[Concord, NH]
  • ROC USA seeks an intern on their national team, to help implement their widespread systems and technology changes. [Concord, NH] 

Sustainable Investing

  • PAX WORLD MANAGEMENT would like an intern to support its sustainable investing activities. Sustainable investing considers Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions and delivers “triple bottom line” returns. [Portsmouth, NH]
  • VERIS WEALTH PARTNERS seeks an part-time intern to help improve Veris’ commitment to corporate responsibility. [Portsmouth, NH]


  • COCA-COLA NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND seeks an intern to support their team in pursuing further opportunities to reduce resource consumption at the production facility [Londonderry, NH].
  • REVISION ENERGY seeks an intern to develop an educational program that can be replicated for schools and colleges to aid STEM initiatives incorporating ReVision Energy to instruct renewable energy to students and teachers. [Brentwood, NH]
  • THORNTON TOMASETTI seeks an intern to help advance their sustainability in business operations, professional services and engagement with employees and communities. [Portland, ME]

Social Enterprise



Coca-Cola LogoThe Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE), a franchise of its parent company, operates 10 distribution centers across parts of all six New England states and upstate New York and runs a state-of-the-art production center in Londonderry, NH. In an industry that has been around for over 100 years, and as a company of 40-plus years, CCNNE wants to stay relevant long into the future. CCNNE’s sustainability efforts and achievements have been profiled by the Green Alliance. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England’s Londonderry Production Facility has won multiple awards for quality, and is a recognized industry leader in sustainable business practices.  Through recycling, re-use and trash-to-energy, LPC recently achieved ‘Zero Landfill’ status.  LPC annually sets objectives for and measures its use of water, energy and solid waste throughout its practices.

Social Innovation Internship at Coca-Cola Northern New England:

Our Social Innovation Intern this summer will support our team in pursuing further opportunities to reduce resource consumption at the production facility.  Specifically, the intern will be tasked with identifying, quantifying and mapping all areas of water consumption in the facility, including the volume and frequency of use at each point.  The mapping would enable LPC to better control water consumption at each point of use to further reduce water consumption and would prioritize the consumption points that require better controls.

The intern will additionally be tasked with researching and evaluating methods to reduce overall water consumption, and making recommendations to LPC leadership for solutions.  The end point of the project would be improved water use ratio which is a global goal of The Coca-Cola Company.

The intern will obtain a general overview of CCNNE’s business and strategic objectives, and a detailed understanding of the beverage manufacturing process that refreshes over 5 million thirsty consumers throughout Northern New England.

The ideal candidate would have environmental knowledge as well as an understanding of mechanical equipment and the ability to document findings, develop reports that communicate results to all involved.

Location: Londonderry, NH.


CDFA logo

The Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) is a state-authorized nonprofit whose mission is to enable thriving, vibrant local economies in New Hampshire. We accomplish this by partnering with communities, employers and nonprofits throughout the state to strategically and creatively deploy financial and technical resources. These resources support local economic and community development, clean energy initiatives, as well as affordable housing and public infrastructure needs.

CDFA effectively utilizes an innovative integration of state and federal sources of funds, investments and tax equity – including the New Hampshire Investment Tax Credit, federal Community Development Block Grant funds and CDFA’s Clean Energy Fund. In addition to the funds CDFA awards on an annual basis, the organization managers an ongoing financial portfolio of around $80 million, which leverages more than $300 million worth of community and economic projects across New Hampshire.

Social Innovation Internship at CDFA:

CDFA is interested in hosting a Social Innovation Intern to assist the organization in shaping the future of its Clean Energy Fund. The position will primarily assist the Director of Clean Energy and Communications Manager to evaluate the current scope and outcomes for the Clean Energy Fund program and help develop a brand elevation strategy moving forward.

The Social Innovation Intern would assist with research, outreach to partners and program development. An ideal candidate would have an interest in the energy sector, as well as marketing/communications/public relations. More specifically, work would include:

  • Create a database of Clean Energy Fund statistics and outcomes
  • Develop new ways to utilize Clean Energy Fund data to grow the program
  • Outreach to partners and fund recipients to compile testimonials and understand outcomes (energy savings, return-on-investment, etc.)
  • Explore ways to grow Clean Energy Fund resources including the research of new grant opportunities and potential partners
  • Research best practices and innovative financing solutions being utilized in other states and markets
  • Work with the Communications Manager to revamp Clean Energy Fund marketing collateral, website content and public relations/communications efforts
  • Additional tasks as appropriate

Location: Concord, NH.


Foley Foundation Logo The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation (JWFLF) is a new nonprofit started in 2014 after the public execution of freelance conflict journalist American journalist, James W. Foley.  Jim was held hostage, starved and tortured for nearly two years for being an American and a journalist, prior to his death.

The mission of the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation:

  • Advocates for the safe return of all Americans taken hostage, support for their families and research on our current American US hostage policy and for increased safety and equity of freelance conflict journalists.
  • Protects the rights of freelance conflict journalists to safely report the news from conflict zones through the international Alliance for a Culture of Safety, ACOS.
  • Educates the public regarding the silent crises of hostage taking, threats to press freedom and university students on the inherent dangers on international work and preventative safety measures.

JWFLF has had an amazing impact in two short years.  These include:

  • American Hostage Advocacy:  JWFLF’s advocacy challenged President Obama to create an interagency US Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell, Presidential Envoy for Hostages and White House Recovery group which has brought home 100 Americans since June 2015!
  • Hostage US:  With the help of the Ford Foundation, JWFLF funded Hostage US, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting American families with a loved one in captivity as well as returning hostages.
  • US Hostage Policy Research:  JWFLF has supported the research of Hostage US and the New America Foundation on current US hostage policy to ensure it truly protects Americans travelling abroad.
  • Freelance conflict journalist safety and equity:  JWFLF has helped convene an international coalition of media companies, journalist NGO’s and independent conflict journalists to create A Culture of Safety Alliance ACOS (acosalliance.org).
  • University safety curricula modules:  JWFLF has created an educational safety module for universities using the documentary, Jim, the James Foley Story to educate and prepare those seeking international careers regarding current inherent dangers and preventive measures.

Social Innovation internship at JWFLF:

The intern will work closely with Diane Foley, Executive Director and the JWFLF Freedom Run/Walk committee to develop the virtual aspect of the Foley Freedom Run/Walk

  • Strategize and implement the promotion of the worldwide virtual Foley Freedom
  • Identify potential virtual Run/Walk Captains throughout the US and globally and create a database
  • Develop a toolkit to clearly identify JWFLF mission, marketing and process for local Run/Walk Captains
    • Strategize and implement and best practice for providing Captains with said Toolkit
  • Develop a strategy and work to obtain potential Virtual Run/Walk sponsors
  • Work closely with Virtual Run/Walk Captains to ensure the success of their Virtual Run/Walk
  • Work closely with Diane Foley and Amy Coyne to develop a Virtual Team Sponsorship Packet and distribute accordingly
    • Identify best practices for promoting the virtual Foley Freedom Run/Walk
  • As time permits, the intern will also work closely with Diane Foley, Executive Director and the JWFLF Freedom Run/Walk Committee to help support the operational aspects of the Local and Virtual Run/Walk.

Location: Rochester, NH.


Community Loan Fund logo

Imagine you own your home, but rent the land beneath it. The person or corporation that owns the land has you in a tight spot. If they decide to raise the rent every year, they can. If they decide to sell the land to someone who wants to make even more profit from it, they can.  Worst-case scenario: They sell to someone who wants to get rid of all the homes and build a big-box store. He can do that, too. And it means you either have to abandon your house and lose all of the money you’ve but into it, or come up with thousands of dollars to move it. It’s a crazy-sounding scenario, but for most of the 2.7-million Americans who live in this country’s 50,000 mobile home parks, this scenario is a fact of life.

At the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, we think there’s a better, more-just way. We tackle this issue of unfair insecurity by helping residents of mobile home—nowadays, they’re called manufactured home—parks purchase their communities and manage them as cooperatives. Cooperative resident ownership is the quickest and most-straightforward means for these homeowners to gain the economic security that comes with land ownership—control over costs and community improvements, limits on outside party profits and community closures. 

The Community Loan Fund pretty much invented the solution to this problem, and today, almost 7,000 homeowners live in New Hampshire’s 121 resident-owned communities (ROCs). Before and after we finance resident community purchases, our ROC-NH team provides expert coaching and technical assistance through the life of the community’s loan. We don’t simply shake hands and walk away after a sale goes through.

The ROC-NH model has been replicated in 13 other states, through a national organization called ROC USA. 

Social Innovation Internship at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund:

The Community Loan Fund is looking for two highly motivated Social Innovation Interns to join our team. You will work alongside the ROC-NH staff canvassing and community organizing, creating budgets, and attending community meetings. As part of our work to educate and inform new communities about the process of becoming resident-owned, interns will also have the opportunity to create short videos that capture ROC life. You will create a valuable resource for the 121 (and growing!) ROCs in New Hampshire and even more communities nationally.

Don’t expect to be parked at a desk and never see sunlight. In this internship, you will work with the talented ROC-NH team in the office and the field and learn more about this affordable housing movement. It’s unlikely that two days will ever be the same! If you are creative, have strong organizational skills and the ability to work with a variety of people, and are ready to hit the backroads of New Hampshire, this is the chance to gain a variety of direct experience—from community organizing to multi-million-dollar commercial real estate transactions. 

The intern will report directly to Tara Reardon, Director of ROC-NH, with guidance and mentorship from Angela Romeo, Cooperative Conversion Specialist, and Steve Varnum, Director of Communications and Marketing.

Location: Concord, NH.


Northern Forest Center LogoThe Northern Forest Center is an innovative non-profit that builds community and economic vitality while fostering sound forest stewardship across the Northern Forest of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. Our programs drive systemic change across the region, creating jobs, leveraging investment and conserving forests for community benefit. 

Our strategy uses locally grounded projects to secure tangible benefits for the region’s people, communities and ecosystems and includes: advancing local, renewable wood heat as an alternative to fossil fuels; helping communities purchase and manage their own Community Forests; bringing innovation to wood product companies and outdoor-oriented tourism businesses to sustain high-quality jobs; and coordinating regional strategy and public policy at the state and national levels.

Social Innovation Internship at the Northern Forest Center

The Center seeks an intern to advance its use of digital marketing and social media to recruit people and businesses that could benefit from the Center’s programs and help build a vibrant future for the region.

Goals of the internship are to:

  • Design and implement a test of Google Ads to recruit participants to the Center’s programs by securing a Google Ad Grant for the Center; researching keyword options for each program; writing and testing ads; tracking performance and reiterating.
  • Assess other pay-per-click advertising options and systems (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.); draft and test ads to determine which are effective for the Center; analyze results and refine.
  • Help increase effectiveness of existing social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) by developing engagement strategies and content.
  • Streamline and help implement the Center’s social media tracking system, integrating new paid advertising channels and automating the system where possible.

The intern will work directly with Communications Director Kelly Short and Program Manager Jessica O’Hare on project design and implementation, and work with directors of specific programs on content development. This is an excellent opportunity to see how a highly networked, complex nonprofit works toward its mission through a variety of programs. The internship is offered in our Concord, NH, office, where 9 of our 15 staff work in a highly collaborative, team-based environment. The internship will include opportunities to work with most program staff, including travel to projects and events.

The successful candidate will be analytical and organized, with relevant experience (either academic or applied) in marketing and use of digital advertising and/or social media; able to develop a work plan, set and meet deadlines; and comfortable with a complex organization and mission. Requirements: strong work ethic, command of Microsoft Office suite, comfort and familiarity with social media and digital marketing systems.

Location: Concord, NH



PAx World Management logoPax World Management LLC, the investment adviser to Pax World Funds, is a recognized leader in Sustainable Investing, the full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and decision making. Pax World launched the financial industry’s first socially responsible mutual fund in 1971. Today, Pax World offers a comprehensive platform of Sustainable Investing solutions.

Pax World seeks to invest in forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models. To identify those companies, we combine rigorous financial analysis with equally rigorous environmental, social and governance analysis. The result, we believe, is an increased level of scrutiny that helps us identify better-managed companies that are leaders in their industries; that meet positive standards of corporate responsibility; and that focus on the long term. By investing in those companies, we intend for our shareholders to benefit from their vision and their success.

Pax World is a rapidly growing small company headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a friendly, collegial and growth-oriented professional work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to high standards of corporate social responsibility, both in our investment approach and in the way we try to conduct our own business.

Social Innovation Internship at Pax World Management:

Under the supervision of the Director of the Sustainability Research Department, our intern will:

  • Conduct research on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that illuminate Pax World’s ESG analysis and principles
  • Assist the sustainability research department with research related to sustainable investing

Examples of the kinds of research projects that interns might take on are:

  • Collect data on the greenhouse gas emission reduction goals of a defined investment universe, such as the S&P 500, and summarize the results in a short paper
  • Collect data on the diversity and inclusion and/or pay equity programs and performance for a defined investment universe, such as the S&P 500, and summarize the results in a short paper

Pax World is a recognized leader in sustainable investing, and identifying and analyzing ESG issues and trends is important to our success. As noted above, the research conducted by our sustainability intern helps us in that endeavor.

Location: Portsmouth, NH.


Revision Energy Logo

ReVision Energy is Northern New England’s leading installer of solar energy systems with offices in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. A proud B Corp, we help people transition away from fossil fuels to the renewable energy economy of tomorrow.

B Corp’s are leading a global movement to redefine success in business by promoting the notion that businesses can and should be a powerful force for good in the world. By voluntarily holding ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and performance, we compete to be the best FOR the world, not just the best IN the world, and B Corps include some of the most admired companies in the world including Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, Cabot and others (over 1300 in all). The rigorous third party B Corp certification is a validation of ReVision Energy’s Mission and its Values-driven approach to maximizing the benefits we provide to the communities where we live and work. 

Social Innovation Internship at ReVision Energy:

ReVision Energy seeks an intern to help foster our B Corp mission to influence social change as a force for good within our community.  The intern will develop a solar lesson plan and demonstration for grade schools, high schools, colleges and educators, led by ReVision Energy staff, to support STEM initiatives. 

Candidates should possess the following skills:

  • Keep our mission driven focus top of mind with all interactions with customers
  • Must have excellent customer service skills as well as good oral and written communication skills
  • Must have strong organizational skills
  • Must be able to work self-guided in a fast paced and growing environment
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and other commonly used software, including internet and email
  • Must bring a positive attitude; thoughtful ideas for growth of company are encouraged
  • Interest in the technology we provide and ability to acquire basic understanding of how it works

We foster a safe and positive work environment where all employees have an opportunity to do professional, meaningful work. As a team, we’re working to reduce fossil fuel dependence and CO2 emissions while operating a sustainable business.

Location: Brentwood, NH.


Roc USA  Logo Imagine you own your home, but rent the land beneath it. The landlord who owns the land has you in a tight spot. If he decides to raise the rent every year, he can. If he decides to sell the land to someone who wants to make more of a profit from it, he can. Worst-case scenario: He sells to someone who wants to get rid of all the homes and build a big-box store. He can do that, too. Sounds unusual, but for most of the 2.7 million Americans who live in this country’s 50,000 mobile home parks, this scenario is a fact of life. Homeowners themselves have demonstrated for over 30 years that there’s a better, more just way.

With the help of a national network of nonprofits, homeowners have been tackling their housing insecurity through self-help: They have been buying the mobile home park — nowadays, they’re called manufactured home communities — as cooperatives.

Resident ownership of the community through a co-op is simply the quickest and most-straightforward means for homeowners to gain the economic security that comes with land ownership – control over costs, limits on outside party profits, community improvements, and limits on change-of-use community closures.

ROC USA is a non-profit social venture that uses market-based strategies and an underlying self-sustaining economic model in order to better serve our customers at scale. ROC USA offers financing for community purchases as well as expert coaching and training from the first pre-purchase meetings through a sale and then for at least the life of the community’s loan. We don’t simply shake hands and walk away after a sale goes through.

Our national scope grew out of 25 years of experience here in the Granite State. The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund pretty much invented the solution to this problem, and today, almost 6,000 homeowners live in New Hampshire’s 120 resident-owned communities (ROCs). ROC USA is the parent organization of ROC NH.

Since our launch in 2008, we’ve used the New Hampshire model to help 72 co-ops in 13 additional states purchase their communities, preserving over 5,000 homes in the process. That represents $130 million in direct lending.

ROC USA was founded to “make resident ownership viable nationwide.”  In a word, that means scale at every level of the organization all of which is in support of local ownership by the homeowners in each community.

Social Innovation Internships at ROC USA:

Scaling social innovation involves significant investments in systems, people and technology.  We are looking for an intern to help us implement the widespread systems and technology changes that we are making in 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, ROC USA has worked with a Boston-based consultant to customize Salesforce, the market-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. By spring, staff, management and our affiliates in ROC USA Network will be testing and implementing CRM. This is a mission-critical investment in efficiency and effectiveness – helping us deliver on our mission nationwide. 

Salesforce Implementation: This internship will provide the successful candidate with a solid background in the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system that will enhance anyone’s resume and offer a strong real-world compliment to a solid academic record. The 2017 Social Innovation Intern will be an important part of the implementation team and enjoy the opportunity to work on the back and front-ends of Salesforce.

  • Develop and refine work plans and document integration, along with other parts of the CRM system, in order to make the CRM platform efficiently support the work in the field. The initial buildout of the system will have just been completed, and we’ll need someone to learn the business processes and work with us and people in the field to really make sure that the system works for everyone. This piece will be essential to how our entire Network of affiliates works going forward, as we are completely changing how we coordinate resources and knowledge in order to accomplish our mission in a sustainable manner.
  • Design new reports that serve management, staff and affiliates and guide decision-making for years to come. 
  • Develop social impact evaluation reports and community financial analyses that will inform donors and community boards on what’s being accomplished and how communities compare on performance criteria with other similar sized communities.
  • Complete data entry tasks, however we will ensure that there’s good balance. 

We know many interns are treated like, well, interns. Be assured that making coffee, fetching sushi or answering phones will not be part of your duties at ROC USA. You can make your own latte’ though!

Ask any of our past interns, you will be another staff member here, with real responsibilities, expectations and deadlines. Your work will make a real difference in people’s lives — people who have been treated unfairly simply because of their address.

If you’re interested in making a difference, we’d love to talk with you.

Location: Concord, NH.


Thornton Tomasetti LogoThornton Tomasetti provides engineering design, investigation and analysis services to clients worldwide on projects of every size and level of complexity. We are a 100% employee-held organization of 1,200 engineers, architects, sustainability practitioners and support professionals collaborating from offices across North America and in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. We focus on providing a diverse suite of integrated services and leading innovation in our industry to ensure the continued success of our clients.

Thornton Tomasetti aspires to be one of the most sustainable firms in the architecture, engineering, and construction world, in the way we design our projects and in how we operate as a responsible business. In embracing this challenge, we see an opportunity to lead by example.

Read about our Corporate Sustainability programs and approach at: http://www.thorntontomasetti.com/about/corporate_sustainability

Social Innovation Internship at Thornton Tomasetti:

The Social Innovation Intern will help our efforts to advance sustainability in business operations, in our professional services, and in our engagement with employees and communities. Each year, our Corporate Sustainability Department works with an intern who acts as an integral staff member for the success of the department. The selected candidate may be evaluated at the end of the summer Social Innovation Internship for a potential full-time internship for a period up to 1 year.

During the summer, the intern may be responsible for working on the following major projects:

  • Design programs to support our green champions. We have 50+ employees in all our major office locations around the world who serve as green champions, working to green their offices, increase employee engagement, and create opportunities for employees to volunteer in our communities.
  • Work with our technical team to revamp a sustainability footprint mapping application that offers an interactive "sustainable report".  This will include gathering data, while working with the design team to determine the look and functionality of the website from a user perspective.

Location: Portland, ME.



Veris Wealth Partners is a national sustainable wealth management firm dedicated to aligning families’ and foundations’ financial objectives with their mission and values. We structure fully-diversified portfolios that aim to drive social and environmental change while bringing rigor and discipline to the investment process. We believe this approach represents today’s most sophisticated investment thinking. Understanding the landscape of sustainable investing is a core Veris expertise. We strive to help our clients access superior investment and impact opportunities by leveraging deep knowledge of relevant financial, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Veris is a certified B Corporation, recognizing the firm’s social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Social Innovation Internship at Veris Wealth Partners:

Note: This is a part-time internship. At Veris Wealth Partners, the Social Innovation Intern will be a part of Veris’s multi-office Sustainability Team tasked with improving Veris’ commitment to corporate responsibility. The intern will report to Nicole Davis, Partner and Wealth Manager, in the Portsmouth, NH office.  Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating team meetings by helping to prepare meeting agendas, maintaining team’s action/item list and documenting meeting minutes
  • Creating the company’s annual carbon footprint documentation spreadsheet and calculating the company’s 2016 carbon footprint
  • Participating in the selection of the company’s 2016 carbon offset
  • Drafting the companies 2016 Sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
  • Supporting the creation and implementation of company sustainability initiatives
  • Supporting companies’ ongoing evaluation for B Corporation status (B Corps are a new type of corporation that use the power of business to create public benefit.

Location: Portsmouth, NH.