High School Track

The Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC) High School Track is an extension of the annual NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge, a well-established program which we started in 2013 in partnership with Nobel Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus.  The annual signature event powerfully demonstrates the keen interest of college students as well as community entrepreneurs and activists across the state in helping address some of society’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges, and their creativity in designing novel, sustainable, business-orientated solutions. In 2018 we had 95 teams, representing 262 individuals, compete in our two tracks – the Student Track (for any student at a NH college or university) and the Community Track (open to any NH resident and UNH alumni living anywhere in the world).

While, we have had several high school student groups ask each year if they can compete and we have allowed them to do so in the community track, the SVIC High School Track is an opportunity to create a dedicated track allowing High School students to compete on a level playing field.  It also allows the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise (CSIE) to support the staff and teachers who work with these students with appropriate materials. We are excited about this possibility because of the impact we think it can have all across the state of NH and beyond!

In 2016, CSIE hosted a pilot high school track for the Social Venture Innovation Challenge.  Based on the positive feedback, we have continued to pilot the SVIC High School Track in 2017 and 2018 and are now exploring launching a state wide SVIC High School Track in 2019. Any individual or group of high school students who are not part of this year’s pilot are welcome to enter the Community Track of the NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge.

We are incredibly grateful to Phillips Exeter AcademyPortsmouth High School, and The Derryfield School for their continued vision and partnership on this pilot program.