How to Make Your Social Venture Innovation Challenge Entry a Winner!

Monday, October 30, 2017
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Paul College, Room 203

Entering the 2017 Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC) and want some feedback?  All SVIC contestants are invited to share their ideas and get feedback from UNH Entrepreneurship Club (aka UNH ICE) members to help refine their submissions to the SVIC.   An excellent opportunity to network and for SVIC contestants to find additional teammates from other disciplines or colleges, or to ask for help on specific areas.  Light refreshments provided!

Past winners and finalists of the SVIC will also be on hand to share their insights about what makes a winning and compelling proposal!

The UNH Entrepreneurship Club aka UNH ICE is a club with the goal of bringing the UNH community together around innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Through guest speaker presentations, competitions, and conferences, UNH ICE welcomes UNH students & faculty and local community members to gain exposure to the entrepreneurship world and entrepreneurial concepts. Our mission is to support and inspire interdisciplinary collaboration by providing an outlet for the UNH community to create new products and services.

Co-hosted by Dr. Andrew Earle, Faculty Advisor to ICE with special guest faculty, Dr. Fiona Wilson, Executive Director, Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise.