B Impact Clinic for Students

B Impact Clinic Students

The B Impact Clinic is an immersive learning project and an excellent educational platform, which is centered around “sustainable business”, due to the comprehensive and rigorous assessment that evaluates all aspects of the company’s operations. This opportunity is available for students to receive two independent study credits (via Dr. Fiona Wilson). Participants will meet weekly to collaborate on their project and participate in lectures and activities discussing how companies can benefit from a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The Clinic is a real-world learning opportunity for students to step out of the traditional classroom to work with local companies and gain first-hand experience of what makes a truly sustainable business and successful B Corporation.


Application deadline for Fall 2020: April 15, 2020 by 5:00pm

Contact Fiona Wilson for more information
or to be connected to a previous cohort member to learn about their experience.



Benefits for Students

  • Experience working with real businesses in a professional environment on a project that will contribute to the company’s overall success
  • Experience working with students from all years and different majors
  • Gain invaluable project management skills
  • Resume building
  • Expand your network to local NH and ME businesses

B Impact Student Responsibilities

  • Meet weekly with clients/B Impact Clinic cohort
  • Spend approximately 1 hour outside of weekly meetings to prepare and complete follow-up work
  • Attend and prepare for the four major events of the semester (which generally run from 5:20-7:00 on Wednesday nights)
    • Student Orientation (first week of classes)
    • Client Kick-off (Second week of classes. Clients present their businesses and goals for the semester and students are able to rank who they would most like to work with)
    • Mid-Semester Check-in (a chance to meet in person with your clients to reflect on, and share with the cohort, what you’ve completed thus far and what your plan of action for the rest of the semester is)
    • Final Presentations (each team shares the work they completed and the lessons they learned from the Clinic in a 10 minute presentation to clients, UNH faculty and staff, family and friends)