2016 Internships

Our 2016 Social Innovation Internship hosts are leading for-profit and non-profit organizations, each with an innovative, market-based approach achieving its social or environmental mission. Click on the host name to see its description, scroll down to see all internships.

Community and Economic Development

  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY (CDFA) seeks an intern to help shape the future of the CDFA Economic Development Fund in New Hampshire. [Concord, NH]
  • HANNAH GRIMES CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP seeks a business planning intern to help create the Business Center for Innovation and Technology, a next-generation resource for manufacturing, technology, and innovation startups in southwestern New Hampshire. [Keene, NH]
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE COMMUNITY LOAN FUNDseek interns on their state and national teams, to end housing insecurity and financial vulnerability among residents of manufacturing housing (mobile home) communities. Legal/business and "generalist" internships available. [Concord, NH]

Sustainable Investing

  • PAX WORLD MANAGEMENT would like an intern to support its sustainable investing activities. Sustainable investing considers Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions and delivers “triple bottom line” returns. [Portsmouth, NH]


  • COCA-COLA NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND seeks an intern to develop a recycling toolkit as part of its sustainability education and community engagement program. [Bedford, NH]
  • STONYFIELD, the world’s largest producer of organic yogurt, and a company recognized for their long commitment to sustainability and innovation seeks an intern who will support the sourcing team in improvements to ingredient traceability and documentation of sourcing practices and reporting, and who will evaluate opportunities to improve company practices in its journey toward having a paperless office and to be a ‘zero waste’ company. [Londonderry, NH]
  • TIMBERLAND  seeks an intern to conduct environmental impact assessments of Timberland materials and styles, to advance its leadership in sustainable products. [Stratham, NH]
  • VERIS WEALTH PARTNERS and the NEW HAMPSHIRE WOMEN'S FOUNDATION seek an intern to create Veris's 2015 Sustainability Report and to advance the state's family-friendly workplace practices. [Portsmouth and Concord, NH]

Social Enterprise

  • OLD SOL MUSIC HALLa start-up music production and promotion company that builds social capital, would like an intern to plan a high-profile benefit concert and support its capital fundraising campaign. [Manchester, NH]  
  • PLAN: THE POST-LANDFILL ACTION NETWORK, a national outgrowth of UNH’s Trash 2 Treasure program, would like an intern to develop a new business partnership to help college campuses reduce waste. [Durham, NH]

Innovations in Higher Education

  • COLLEGE FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION will offer students from UNH and other colleges the opportunity to spend a 'Semester in the City' in Boston, with professional internships at leading private, public, and nonprofit organizations with innovative approaches to the common good. CfSI's 2016 intern will play a major role in strategic planning and program launch. [Boston, MA]

Business Journalism

  • The NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW would like a journalism intern to write about sustainable business. Option for English 720 internship credit. [Manchester, NH]  This position has already been filled.

Light bulb indicates award winner in UNH’s NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge.



logoThe Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE), a franchise of its parent company, operates 10 distribution centers across parts of all six New England states and upstate New York and runs a state-of-the-art production center in Londonderry, NH. In an industry that has been around for over 100 years, and as a company of 40-plus years, CCNNE wants to stay relevant long into the future. CCNNE’s sustainability efforts and achievements are profiled by the Green Alliance here: http://www.greenalliance.biz/business/coca-cola-bottling-company-northern-new-england (includes video).

Social Innovation Internship at Coca-Cola Northern New England:

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England’s Sustainability Manager, Ray Dube, spends 100+ days/year throughout New England schools (at all levels), recycling conventions, state houses and various businesses and organizations to share CCNNE’s recycling and sustainability practices.  Ray’s message goes well beyond what his own company and industry are doing in this space – to instruct, inform and lead these organizations in recycling and sustainability efforts of their own.  This leverages the power of his message to go beyond learning, to actually practicing better recycling methods.

Our Social Innovation Intern this summer will support these efforts to turn education into action.  In addition to joining Ray “on the road,” the intern will research key recycling facts, practices and programs, and develop a leave-behind toolkit that these organizations could use to implement programs of their own.  This toolkit would build upon programs that have already been put in place (school recycling, compost barrels, rain barrels, recycling for special events) and add other relevant programs/ideas from sources that the intern discovers. 

Location: Londonderry, NH.


logoCollege for Social Innovation is a start-up social enterprise designed to develop high-quality talent for the growing social sector.  Through our innovative college partnership model, we put real-world experience and discovery of purpose at the center of a student’s college years. We partner with colleges – including the University of New Hampshire – to place diverse cohorts of students in semester-long, full-time, 16-credit “social innovation fellowships” with social sector leaders in Boston, which is often described as the ‘Silicon Valley of social innovation.’

In Fall 2016, our first cohort of students will spend a semester in Boston.  This Semester in the City program will include a rigorous 30+-hour per week internship with a leading social change organization, an intensive evening course that examines the theory and practice of various social change approaches, and a series of Friday seminars and reflective workshops.  Students will learn through job-related assignments and related seminars and reflection activities, all of which will help them build career-based competencies, social and emotional skills, and a network.

The Co-Founder and CEO of College for Social Innovation is Eric Schwarz, the Founding CEO of Citizen Schools, Founding Executive Chairman of US2020, and the author of The Opportunity Equation (Beacon, 2014). Schwarz received UNH’s Social Innovator of the Year Award in 2014 and was the keynote speaker at UNH’s 2014 NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge.

Social Innovation Internship at College for Social Innovation:

College for Social Innovation seeks an enterprising intern to support the growth of an exciting new social enterprise in the higher education space. As part of a small, high-energy start-up team, the intern will have a chance to contribute to executing the first program year for the Semester in the City program.

The primary work of the internship will be to support the Chief Program Officer in preparing for the arrival of the first student cohort in the fall of 2016 (from the University of New Hampshire and Clark University).  This includes developing orientation and training materials, developing student-focused portion of the website to support student communication, setting up residences, and contacting incoming students to answer questions as they prepare to arrive.  In addition, the intern will develop varied experience in launching and growing a social enterprise – including fundraising research, planning for fall semester recruitment activities, and moving to a new headquarters.

Candidates for this internship should have the following skills:

  • Motivated, positive attitude, and proactive
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to work independently and with a team

The UNH intern selected for this summer opportunity may also have a chance to continue their work on the UNH campus during the 2016-2017 academic year as a paid ‘student ambassador’ for the Semester in the City program (similar to last year’s intern).  Candidates should indicate their availability for and interest in this 5- to 10-hour-per-week job in their application.

Location: Boston, MA.



logoThe Community Development Finance Authority is a state-authorized nonprofit whose mission is to enable thriving, vibrant local economies in New Hampshire. We do this by partnering with the state’s communities, employers, and nonprofits to strategically and creatively deploy financial and technical resources which go toward local economic development projects, affordable housing development, energy reduction, job retention, large- and small-scale community development efforts, and public infrastructure needs. CDFA utilizes an innovative integration of state and federal sources of funds, investments, and tax equity – including the NH Investment Tax Credit, federal Community Development Block Grant funds, and the CDFA Clean Energy Fund. In addition to what CDFA awards on an annual basis, we manage an ongoing financial portfolio of around $80 million, which leverages over $300 million worth of community and economic projects across New Hampshire.

Social Innovation Internship at CDFA:

CDFA seeks a student with strong business and analytics skills who is passionate about a triple bottom line approach to economic development challenges facing NH communities. Previous professional or academic experience in research and analysis is helpful and proficiency with Microsoft Excel is preferred. A top applicant will be a detail-oriented self-starter with strong communication skills across all mediums and an ability to think critically.

CDFA is interested in hosting a Social Innovation Intern to help shape the future of the CDFA Economic Development Fund. The position will primarily assist our Director of Economic Development to realign some of the priorities in the Fund, through research, outreach and program development. Work would include:

  • Research best practices of job training programs nationally
  • Work with CDFA partners to create a panel of potential program users who will be key to advising the Fund
  • Compile economic development statistics
  • Prepare a report of information and statistics of communities in NH with the greatest income challenges
  • Schedule and participate in meetings with communities to define community economic development needs
  • Work with the Director of Economic Development to define technical assistance needs of challenged communities
  • Meet with technical assistance providers to help create a comprehensive network of experts
  • Explore the potential of community wealthbuilding as a component of products.
  • Work with the Federal Home Loan Bank to understand the case work of the study, Comeback Cities, and its applicability to the realignment goals

Location: Concord, NH.



logoThe Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship (HGCE) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in southwestern New Hampshire that educates, supports, and assists the development of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and community builders in the region. Our mission is to help community members innovate, connect, thrive, and give back through our diverse programming and community events. The Center relies on a team of experienced instructors who offer knowledge and mentorship through coaching, workshops, and a business incubator to support both business owners and nonprofit leaders.

Social Innovation Internship at Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship:

To catalyze entrepreneurship and economic development in the region, the HGCE team is creating a Business Center for Innovation and Technology on Marlboro Street in Keene, New Hampshire. The goal is to establish a next-generation resource for manufacturing, technology, and innovation startups in the region. The project has informally begun with a physical space at 310 Marlboro Street in a building where a number of businesses currently operate. The HGCE is purchasing the building and advancing the project with new resources, partnerships, and programs.

The HGCE is seeking an intern that can explore the project’s strategic direction, synthesize business and economic data, and work effectively with community partners. Work will include:

  • Collecting data on local businesses and creating a project narrative
  • Developing a strategic plan based on regional economic conditions, the organization’s mission, and available community partners
  • Forming and maintaining community partnerships based on current objectives, priorities, and strategic direction
  • Designing programs in collaboration with the HGCE staff, Board of Directors, and project advisory committee

The intern will have the opportunity to work alongside community leaders, demonstrate initiative, and learn new skills. Key competencies touched upon in this internship include strategic thinking, relationship building, and basic data analysis. The HGCE is a small team of three; an ambitious intern with multiple interests or talents (e.g., marketing, branding, etc.) can gladly be accommodated.

The intern can expect to work directly with leadership and gain hands-on experience with project management, business development, community relations, and networking.  The ideal candidate is self-motivated, willing to learn, has experience with Excel, passionate about entrepreneurship, and has strong writing and interpersonal skills.

The intern will report directly to the Program Director and work frequently with the Executive Director and advisory committee.

Location: Keene, NH.


logoFor some 35 years, New Hampshire Business Review the paper has been the only statewide business newspaper in New Hampshire. NHBR publishes a biweekly print edition with a readership of 50,000, as well as a website, nhbr.com, updated daily with staff-written breaking business news.

We pride ourselves in taking business journalism seriously and have dedicated ourselves to enterprise and investigative stories involving corporations, state government, politics, public policy and corporate governance that affect not only businesses, but the community in general. Many of our stories have resulted in changes at the legislative level.

In addition, two of the key issues to which we have long dedicated ourselves to writing about are sustainability and diversity in the workplace – essential components of a successful business.

Social Innovation Internship at New Hampshire Business Review:


An intern at NHBR would be a full member of the editorial staff, covering general business and state government news. In addition, the intern would spend much of his or her time writing stories both for print and digital use about the various ways New Hampshire for—profits and nonprofits are exploring the intersection of business and social mission. We see this as a great next step in NHBR’s own mission of helping to promote progressive ideas and approaches to the workplace.

Because NHBR has a small editorial staff, interns won't feel as though they're being lost in the shuffle of the newsroom. He or she would work directly with all members of the staff in developing, writing and editing stories.

They will have the chance to ask questions and receive feedback from NHBR staff and will have their stories published both online and in print -- an invaluable aid when looking for their first newsroom job.

Because of the unique nature of the journalism industry and the graduation requirements of UNH’s English/Journalism major, the intern at NHBR will receive a $1,000 (not $3,000) stipend, plus the opportunity to receive up to eight credits for English 720, the journalism internship. For inquiries about the English 720 credits, please contact Professor Lisa Miller at lc.miller@unh.edu.

Location: Manchester, NH.


logoImagine you own your home, but rent the land beneath it. The landlord who owns the land has you in a tight spot. If he decides to raise the rent every year, he can. If he decides to sell the land to someone who wants to make more of a profit from it, he can. Worst-case scenario: He sells to someone who wants to get rid of all the homes and build a big-box store.

He can do that, too.

It’s a crazy-sounding scenario, but for most of the 2.7 million Americans who live in this country’s 50,000 mobile home parks, this scenario is a fact of life.

At the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, we think there’s a better, more just way. We tackle this issue of unfair insecurity by helping people in for-sale mobile home parks — nowadays, they’re called manufactured home communities — purchase and manage their communities as cooperatives. Resident ownership of the community through a co-op is simply the quickest and most-straightforward means for homeowners to gain the economic security that comes with land ownership — control over costs, limits on outside party profits, community improvements, and limits on change-of-use community closures. 

The Community Loan Fund pretty much invented the solution to this problem, and today, almost 7,000 homeowners live in New Hampshire’s 115 resident-owned communities (ROCs). After we provide financing for resident community purchases, our ROC-NH team provides expert coaching and advice from the first residents meeting through the life of the community’s loan. We don’t simply shake hands and walk away after a sale goes through.

The ROC-NH model has been replicated in thirteen other states, through a national organization called ROC USA.  (Click here to learn about ROC USA’s Social Innovation Internship, targeting students with legal interests and experience.)

Social Innovation Internship at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund:

The Community Loan Fund is looking for two (2) highly motivated Social Innovation Interns to join our team.  You will work alongside the ROC-NH staff canvassing and community organizing, creating budgets, attending community meetings, working in the field to identify vacant lots, and developing resources, including a handbook and training program for ROC residents on the best practices to fill empty lots in communities and positively impact the ROC’s budget.  You will create a valuable resource for the 115 (and growing!) ROCs in the state of New Hampshire and even more communities nationally.

Don’t expect to be parked at a desk and never see sunlight at this internship, you will work with the talented ROC-NH team in the office and the field in this opportunity to learn more about this unique source of affordable housing.  It’s unlikely that two days will ever be the same!  If you are creative, have strong organizational skills and the ability to work with a variety of people, and are ready to hit the backroads of New Hampshire, this is the chance to gain a variety of direct experience from community organizing to the closing of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate transaction. 

The intern will report directly to Tara Reardon, Director of ROC-NH, with guidance and mentorship from Angela Romeo, Cooperative Conversion Specialist.

Location: Concord, NH


logoOld Sol Productions, LLC is a music production and promotion company that strives to build social capital by providing patrons with opportunities to make a difference through every show. Old Sol Productions recently won first place in the student track of the NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge for its proposal to create Old Sol Music Hall, a not-for-profit performance space and community center in downtown Manchester.

To learn more, please click here to watch the Old Sol Music Hall video submission.

Social Innovation Internship at Old Sol Music Hall:

The Social Innovation Intern will play an integral role in planning a high-profile benefit concert, including pre-show VIP reception, as well as implementing other key initiatives designed to support the launch of Old Sol Music Hall’s capital fundraising campaign. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with an organization committed to attracting and retaining young people in NH’s largest city, building social capital through volunteerism and service, and developing a venue model that can be replicated in other working class cities across the country.

The Social Innovation Intern will work closely with Old Sol Music Hall co-founder Matt Wilhelm (UNH MPA ’16), a seasoned social entrepreneur at the intersection of national service and the music industry. Matt served as a founding staff member at Calling All Crows, where he spent five years leading social impact campaign development, artist relations, and fan mobilization strategy. While touring the U.S., Europe, and Australia, Matt cross-trained in lighting design and currently serves as tour manager for the band Dispatch, which consistently engages its fans in addressing issues related to poverty.

Location: Manchester, NH.


logoPax World Management LLC, the investment adviser to Pax World Funds, is a recognized leader in Sustainable Investing, the full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and decision making. Pax World launched the financial industry’s first socially responsible mutual fund in 1971. Today, Pax World offers a comprehensive platform of Sustainable Investing solutions including Pax World Funds, a family of no-load mutual funds; ESG Managers™ Portfolios, multi-manager asset allocation funds powered by Morningstar Associates; ESG Shares®, the first family of ETFs devoted exclusively to a Sustainable Investing approach; and separately managed accounts for institutional investors.

Pax World seeks to invest in forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models. To identify those companies, we combine rigorous financial analysis with equally rigorous environmental, social and governance analysis. The result, we believe, is an increased level of scrutiny that helps us identify better-managed companies that are leaders in their industries; that meet positive standards of corporate responsibility; and that focus on the long term. By investing in those companies, we intend for our shareholders to benefit from their vision and their success.

Pax World is a rapidly growing small company headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a friendly, collegial and growth-oriented professional work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to high standards of corporate social responsibility, both in our investment approach and in the way we try to conduct our own business.


Social Innovation Internship at Pax World Management:

Under the supervision of the Director of the Sustainability Research Department, our intern will:

  • Conduct research on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that illuminate Pax World’s ESG analysis and principles
  • Assist the sustainability research department with research related to sustainable investing

Pax World is a recognized leader in sustainable investing, and identifying and analyzing ESG issues and trends is important to our success. As noted above, the research conducted by our sustainability intern helps us in that endeavor.

Location: Portsmouth, NH.



logoThe Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) is a national nonprofit organization based in Dover, NH. PLAN cultivates, educates and inspires the student-led zero waste movement. We inform students about the waste crisis and equip them with the necessary skills and resources to implement zero waste solutions in their campus communities. PLAN empowers our generation to be changemakers.

PLAN's founder, Alex Freid ‘13, is a UNH alum who started the UNH Trash 2 Treasure program in 2011. After graduating, he founded PLAN to support the growth of the student-led zero waste movement. With the support of 2013 Social Innovation Intern Sophie Rathjen, PLAN won first place in the University of New Hampshire’s 2013 NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge.  Currently, PLAN has over 50 member campuses across the United States and has 6 full-time staff in New Hampshire.


Social Innovation Internship at PLAN:

The Social Innovation Intern hosted by PLAN this summer will work with PLAN through a partnership with Goodwill Industries of Northern New England (NNE). The Intern will be expected to work on the following projects:

  • Answer the question: “What happens to all of your stuff?” Goodwill NNE has two massive collection and distribution centers in New England (one in Gorham, ME and one in Hudson, NH). The intern will work with staff at both facilities to learn about what happens to materials that cannot be sold through Goodwill retail outlets. Ultimately, we hope to see the development of a guide called: “The Guide to the Final 20%.” Once communities and institutions achieve a greater than 80% diversion rate, what do you do with the final 20%?

    This would require the intern to ultimately have a deep understanding of the social and economic impacts of the “After-Market” System and Process. What are the post-consumer commodities markets? How do they operate? What are the minimum bulk requirements? How does pricing work? How do we communicate these operations and systems to students, campuses, and consumers?

  • Work with Goodwill NNE to develop information for how to set up collections on campuses. Create 1-sheeter or marketing info for how to organize bulk collections, or locations for a drop-box.
  • Understand the psychology behind how stores are laid out. Is there a method to displaying items? What makes items sell faster off store shelves?
  • Understand and create guides for how to deal with hazardous materials in donations (hazardous, universal, pesticides, makeup, paint, oil, chem or biochem stuff, etc.)
  • Help to better understand the need for standardization in the sorting process.

The Social Innovation Intern will be one of 7 interns brought on to the PLAN team this summer and will be welcome to participate in all other PLAN-related summer activities, including: hiking and camping trips in the White Mountains, participating in the planning and execution of a summer benefit event called “The Art of Reuse,” and visiting and touring multiple waste processing and recycling centers in the New England area.

Location: Dover, NH.


logoWith a mission to pursue Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Planet along with a Healthy Business, Stonyfield has a long history of commitment to sustainability and innovation.  As the leading organic yogurt maker, everything we make is not just delicious, it's also organic, so you know it was made without the use of GMOs, growth hormones and toxic persistent pesticides. While we're at it, we support family farms and take care of the world around us.

Want to know more?  Visit http://www.stonyfield.com, follow us on Twitter.com/stonyfield or find us on Facebook.com/Stonyfield.

The Social Innovation Intern will gain valuable business experience working with Stonyfield’s Sourcing and Sustainability teams at our manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Londonderry, NH. Supervised by the Director of Sustainability Innovation, this person will be responsible for supporting the team’s efforts in sustainability and ingredient sourcing.   Through specific deliverables in support of these initiatives, it is expected that the Intern will gain a deep understanding of Stonyfield's Sourcing and Sustainability programs.  Additionally, during this program the Social Innovation Intern will have opportunity to gain broad exposure to many areas of Stonyfield's business including but not limited to manufacturing operations.  The ideal candidate will have an open and flexible personality, as well as skills in research and communications and the ability to work independently under the direction of the team.

Social Innovation Internship at Stonyfield:

The Social Innovation Intern will be responsible for work on the following major projects:

  1. Supporting the sourcing team in improvements to ingredient traceability and documentation of sourcing practices and reporting.
  2. Evaluating opportunities to improve company practices in its journey toward having a paperless office and to be a ‘zero waste’ company.

Location: Londonderry, NH.



logoTimberland’s mission is to equip people to make a difference in their world. We do this by creating outstanding products and by trying to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. We have a rich New England heritage that inspires the way we make our products and run our business. We make boots, shoes, clothes and gear that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. And we don't rest on our accomplishments -- if we did, we'd only have ever made one waterproof leather boot.

One part of our history and our future that makes us particularly proud is our commitment to doing the right thing. We are always looking for innovative ways to limit our impact on the environment; incorporating eco-conscious materials that you might not expect, such as plastic bottles or recycled fishing nets, into our products are just a couple examples of our continued commitment to be environmentally conscious. Whether it’s making products with the environment in mind, volunteering in our communities, or planting trees around the world, we care about our colleagues, our community and our planet. HOW we do our business matters.


Social Innovation Internship at Timberland:

The 2016 Social Innovation Intern will advance Timberland’s leadership in sustainable products by building out Timberland materials in EarthSmart and the SAC Higg DDM (the two databases being implemented for brands to calculate product environmental impacts).  The goal is to update data for common Timberland materials and create updated environmental impact assessments (product LCAs – “life cycle assessments”) of high-volume and key marketing styles. 

Skills needed: 

  1. Familiarity with common types of materials used in footwear, apparel and accessories
    1. Basic understanding of what the materials are
    2. Basic understanding of how the materials are made
  2. Knowledge of impact assessment methods
    1. Understanding of Life Cycle Assessments/Analysis (LCA) – ability to model materials or products cradle to gate (full life cycle)
    2. Understanding of the following specific impacts

i.Global warming potential
iii.Fossil/mineral resource depletion
iv.Water resource depletion/scarcity
vi.Human Toxicity
vii.Land Use


  1. Deliver finalized materials in order to score 95% of materials in several different footwear, apparel and accessory products
  2. Use data sets to determine impact of variables on overall product environmental impacts:
    1. How does changing the type of material impact score?
    2. How does changing the weight/density of a material impact score?
    3. How does changing the amount of material used impact score?
    4. Which of these are the most impactful levers designers and developers can use to lower the overall impact of their products?
    5. What trade-offs are there for these lower scores in terms of style and performance?
  3. Identify environmental impact comparisons of common materials and manufacturing processes:
    1. Outline data-based differences between polyester, polyamide and polyolefin
    2. Outline data-based differences between injection molding and compression molding

The intern will report to Ben Bowers, Environmental Stewardship Manager.

Location: Stratham, NH.


Veris Wealth Partners and the New Hampshire Women's Foundation will share an intern this summer, providing a unique opportunity for a student interested in sustainability, business, and women's leadership to learn both from a leading mission-driven business and a statewide organization that is catalyzing change in the business sector. Each week, the intern will work 2-3 days at Veris Wealth Partners in Portsmouth and 2-3 at the NH Women’s Foundation in Concord, with the schedule set collaboratively with the intern’s supervisors (who already have an excellent working relationship and are committed the intern’s success).

VerisVeris Wealth Partners is a national sustainable wealth management firm dedicated to aligning families’ and foundations’ financial objectives with their mission and values. We structure fully-diversified portfolios that aim to drive social and environmental change while bringing rigor and discipline to the investment process. We believe this approach represents today’s most sophisticated investment thinking. Understanding the landscape of sustainable investing is a core Veris expertise. We strive to help our clients access superior investment and impact opportunities by leveraging deep knowledge of relevant financial, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Veris is a certified B Corporation, recognizing the firm’s social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


logoThe New Hampshire Women’s Foundation is a statewide non-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of women and girls through research, education, advocacy and philanthropy. With these four tools, we are spreading the importance of gender equity, and supporting our non-profit partners in this important work. Over the next few years our focus area is family-friendly workplace practices, meaning that our programs, advocacy and research will be focused in this area while our philanthropy will continue to support our non-profit partners around the state.

Offering Family-Friendly workplace practices help companies create an environment where employees want to work, have a greater sense of job security, and feel valued. This means higher retention among skilled employees, resulting in stronger financial performance as well. By holding Listening Sessions with New Hampshire citizens, roundtables with business leaders about their policies and practices, as well as a number of informative and interactive events, we are able to effectively work on the lack of opportunity for families regarding paid leave, pregnant worker accommodations, and how to encourage discussion amongst business and employees.


Social Innovation Internship at Veris Wealth Partners and the NH Women’s Foundation:

At Veris Wealth Partners, the Social Innovation Intern will be a part of Veris’s multi-office Sustainability Team tasked with improving Veris’ commitment to corporate responsibility. The intern will report to Nicole Davis, Partner and Wealth Manager, in the Portsmouth, NH office. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating team meetings by helping to prepare meeting agendas, maintaining team’s action/item list and documenting meeting minutes
  • Creating the company’s annual carbon footprint documentation spreadsheet and calculating the company’s 2015 carbon footprint
  • Participating in the selection of the company’s 2015 carbon offset
  • Drafting the companies 2015 Sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
  • Supporting the creation and implementation of company sustainability initiatives
  • Supporting companies’ ongoing evaluation for B Corporation status (B Corps are a new type of corporation that use the power of business to create public benefit.

At the NH Women’s Foundation, the Social Innovation Intern will be a key member of the Family-Friendly Workplace Practices initiative. Part of this work will be by assisting with a variety of events, including donor stewardship and non-profit grantee partner events such as our AVA Gallery event and Family-Friendly summit. This means not only helping staff events but also helping create and implement promotional materials for programs including our Family-Friendly summit. This person will also be expected to help with administrative work as a team member, including database management, mailings and filings. Lastly there will be opportunities for research and insight into our grants process. Your immediate supervisor will be Nyomi Guzman, a 2013 alumna of UNH’s Social Innovation Internship program. The NH Women’s Foundation is a small and friendly place to work, dedicated to seeing our interns grow.

Candidates should have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communications skills, both written and verbal. They should have experience working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and strong interest and experience in gender equity issues.

Location: Portsmouth and Concord, NH