2016 Interns

Edith Allard

At the time of participation, Edith Allard was a rising junior, majoring in Journalism and International Affairs with a minor in Environment and Resource Economics. In addition to her in-major interests, Edie has a passion for social innovation that she pursued through her membership in Net Impact UNH, a student organization dedicated to the intersection of business and social mission. Edie interned at the New Hampshire Business Review, a biweekly business newspaper with a print readership of over 50,000. Her work at NHBR also provided an outlet for her passion, allowing her to write about the state's growing number of socially and environmentally innovative businesses.

View Edith’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Zachary Angelini

At the time of participation, Zachary Angelini was finishing his Master’s degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering. For his graduate research, Zack worked with Australian and US government agencies to analyze and improve global marine debris estimates. Zack co-founded UNH Solar Power for Schools, an organization working to address the energy crisis in Ghana by providing sustainable energy options and building local capacity. Zack interned at Timberland, a Stratham company with a long-standing commitment to minimizing environmental impacts in the apparel industry and providing benefits to their local and global communities.

View Zach’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Taylor Berry

At the time of participation, Taylor Berry was a rising senior, majoring in Social Work with a Spanish minor.  Taylor was the President of UNH’s Yoga Club, the Chief Marketing Officer for Net Impact UNH, and a volunteer for the Dover Adult Learning Center. Taylor spent the previous summer studying abroad in Costa Rica, and was excited to intern with The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund (ROC-NH), who works to create stable homes and stronger communities by equalizing access to opportunities and resources. 

View Taylor’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Matthew Bracci

At the time of participation, Matthew Bracci was a rising senior, pursuing a dual major in Economics and Sustainability. He was the Grand Master of Ceremonies for Kappa Sigma, Matthew and interned with Pax World Management. Working with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team, Matthew had the opportunity to learn more about how sustainable investing can make a positive impact on the environment and social issues. This fit very well with his particular interest in climate change, hoping to influence policy relating to federal action taken to mitigate its affects in the future. 

 View Matthew’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Dana Gingras

At the time of participation, Dana Gingras was a rising senior majoring in Communication and Women’s Studies with a minor in French. Dana served as the Promotional Director of the Memorial Union Student Organization (MUSO) and also was an active mentor to children as the Cast Coordinator for the Oyster River Players. Dana interned at the Old Sol Music Hall. Located in Manchester, Old Sol Music Hall seeks to leverage the arts to create social impact.

 View Dana’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Gabrielle Greaves

At the time of participation, Gabrielle Greaves was a rising junior majoring in English and Women’s Studies with a minor in Italian. She was the Co-Program Coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and Secretary of the Black Student Union, Gabrielle interned with PLAN: The Post Landfill Action Network and developed guides to decrease the waste on college campuses. PLAN’s mission is to build a movement of young leaders committed to fixing our broken cycle of consumption and waste.

 View Gabrielle’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Micaela Guglielmi

At the time of participation, Micaela Guglielmi was a current senior in the Environmental Engineering program. Throughout her four years at UNH, Micaela was involved in the Environmental and Water Resources Institute as the organization’s secretary. Micaela spent her last year at UNH working on a senior capstone project focused on sustainability. She interned with Coca Cola Northern New England and focused on sustainability projects that benefit Coca Cola and the community.  

 View Micaela’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Morgan Hebert

At the time of participation, Morgan Hebert was a rising senior, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Passionate about education, community development, and humanitarianism, Morgan worked part-time as a teaching assistant at a local preschool. She interned with both Veris Wealth Partners and the New Hampshire Women's Foundation. Located in Portsmouth, Veris Wealth Partners operates on the principle that sustainable and impact investing are the best ways to achieve strong performance while also benefitting future generations. The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation in Concord works to promote opportunity and equality for women and girls in New Hampshire through research, education, philanthropy, and advocacy.

 View Morgan’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Sean Hogan

At the time of participation, Sean Hogan was a senior about to receive his degree in Economics. Primarily interested in economic development, Sean contemplated the systems and organizational structures that make a region or nation successful, especially when it comes to policy. Sean interned with the Hannah Grimes Center and contributied to a regional development plan for Keene. The Hannah Grimes Center educates, supports, and assists the development of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and community builders in Keene and throughout the Monadnock region. 

 View Sean’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Conor McFarland

At the time of participation, Conor McFarland was a rising senior, majoring in Economics and minoring in Spanish. Conor was heavily involved with re-founding the Sigma Beta Fraternity while at UNH. Conor interned at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund (ROC-NH), which serves as a catalyst, leveraging financial, human, and civic resources to enable traditionally underserved people to participate more fully in New Hampshire’s economy. ROC USA works to make quality resident ownership possible nationwide. With his particular interest in micro-finance, Conor was eager to work first-hand with clients and learn more about opportunity finance in New Hampshire.

 View Conor’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Stephanie Morales

At the time of participation, Stephanie Morales was a rising senior, dual majoring in English/Journalism and International Affairs. A contributing writer for The New Hampshire, Stephanie also served as the Public Relations Officer for the UNH Italian Club. She helped prepare for the arrival of the first student cohort for Semester in the City in the fall of 2016. Stephanie interned with the College for Social Innovation in Boston, a social enterprise seeking to develop leaders to confront social problems in the future. 

 View Stephanie’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Gina Occhipintiimage of gina

At the time of participation, Gina Occhipinti was a rising junior, majoring in Economics with a minor in French. She was the Business Manager for Net Impact UNH and a member of the Operations Team at the Memorial Union Building. Gina interned with the NH Community Development Finance Authority (NH CDFA). Located in Concord, the CDFA was established by legislation (RSA 162-L) in 1983 to address the issues of affordable housing and economic opportunity for low and moderate income New Hampshire residents. Gina was excited to work on an economic development fund to help economies in NH with the greatest challenges get the tools and financing they need to grow.

 View Gina’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.

Keegan Smith 

At the time of participation, Keegan Smith was a rising senior, majoring in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability with a specialization in sustainable natural resource and environmental management and policy. Inspired by his work at the UNH organic dairy research farm during his sophomore year, Keegan pursued a career path in environmental sustainability. Keegan interned with Stonyfield, a Londonderry company that is world renowned for sustainability. At Stonyfield, Keegan combined his experience at the organic dairy with his education in environmental conservation and sustainability.

 View Keegan’s Presentation from the 2016 Social Innovation Internship Showcase.