2013 Internships


Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) is an expert in rural business funding, development and financing. A private, nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) based in Wiscasset, Maine, CEI was founded in 1977 to develop job-creating natural resources and small business ventures in rural regions of Maine, and has grown to serve business funding all of Maine, its primary market, and areas of northern New England and upstate New York. With its New Markets Tax Credit Program, CEI is able to invest in projects throughout rural America.

CEI does its work by funding, lending and investing in small and medium sized businesses, and providing business support and technical counseling services to those who need them. A pioneer in its field, CEI is one of the nation's premiere rural CDC/CDFIs.

CEI has subsidiaries and affiliates that enable it to expand its programs and services, such as:

CEI embraces a comprehensive approach to building assets, linking business financing to job creation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, policy advocacy and research. The organization operates in primarily rural markets where financial returns are not sufficient to attract traditional investment, but where CEI's goal of achieving economic, social and environmental benefits can be satisfied.

Social Innovation Internship at CEI:

CEI has three possible placements for a Social Innovation Intern, each of which is described below and in greater detail in a separate job description. Interested individuals able to work in Portland, Maine this summer should note their placement preference(s) in the application. The placements are:

  1. Marketing. Direct report to Grace Cleaves, VP of Marketing. A Marketing Intern would participate in marketing strategies, activities and policies to promote an array of CEI products, programs and services. This Intern would help to create and manage social media activities with e-blasts, company website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to market non-profit services and improve website traffic.
  2. Program Development. Direct report to Keith Bisson, VP of Programs & Gerard Salvo, Human Resources/Workforce Director. A Program Development Intern would work within a variety of program areas to include natural resources (agriculture, fisheries, forests, and renewable energy), workforce development, and business development. The Intern would work on a variety of program area projects connected to our 3E investing model.
  3. CEI Ventures Inc. A CEI Ventures Intern would be provided with the opportunity to work in a very successful Venture Fund Subsidiary and learn about how to raise and administer a Venture Capital Fund. The individual would be a member of this Venture team and participate in both internal and external business and company meetings and be hands on with reviewing and analyzing financial requests from a variety of business entities.

Location: Portland, ME



Dare Mighty Things, Inc., located in Portsmouth, NH and Washington, D.C., provides management consulting services that help clients implement social solutions. Our mission is to deliver technology infused, performance management solutions for large-scale programs that affect vulnerable populations. We apply our knowledge, training and organizational expertise to the task of supporting those who work with the least empowered in our society.

Among other things, our programs, training and solutions have been instrumental in changing the national landscape for vulnerable youth, through a wide range of mentoring and engagement programs; we have helped to establish uniform support services to military families impacted by the deployments of the last decade; and we have fortified non-profit, social- service organizations, nation-wide, in their efforts to provide services to our most disadvantaged citizens.

We are a privately owned, small business. Our clients are primarily in the government and non-profit sectors.

Social Innovation Internship at Dare Mighty Things:

As an Associate Analyst intern working with our Creative Learning Solutions (CLS) team, the Social Innovation Intern will be called upon to research and report on current trends and latest advances relevant to specified topics, such as youth-initiated mentoring, job placement, and case management, as part of our work in support of at-risk populations. This individual will apply adult learning principles, various instructional methodologies, and scenario-based, learner-driven approaches to the development of curriculum in support of nonprofit programs, foundations, and government agencies. The research and curriculum development will be integral to development and enhancement of our training curriculum for these programs and ultimately enhance positive outcomes for the social service organizations and vulnerable populations these programs support.

In this role, the Intern will be supervised and mentored by the CLS Manager, and work closely with the CLS team and program manager(s) to ensure research and delivery integration.

Location: Portsmouth, NH.



The New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection promotes New Hampshire farms and food producers to restaurants, schools, food markets, hospitals and the public. We enhance the viability of New Hampshire’s farms, maintain our rural heritage and open spaces, help protect the environment, and sustain local economies through promotion of our agricultural products and education of the public on the importance of local food security.

Our Certified Local program is gaining momentum. Increased public awareness of the advantages of eating locally-produced food has led to more consumers expecting that restaurants will serve local products. Certification increases the loyalty of customers who understand the importance of supporting local farms and the positive impact on the local economy. Identifying the sources of your product also increases client’s confidence in its safety, freshness and quality .

Social Innovation Internship at NH Farm to Restaurant Connection:

The intern will create a detailed guide for restaurants and chefs clearly explaining the Certified Local program, the process of certification and the practicalities of local sourcing. This project will expose the intern to the local food movement throughout the state and enhance development through challenging, meaningful and enjoyable work. Recognizing that the Seacoast region is a leader in the local food movement, collaboration with the Carsey  School and 3S Artspace in these efforts will strengthen the FRC’s network and footprint in this important area.

In addition to efforts in developing the guide, the intern will attend meetings along with FRC staff, visit restaurants during the certification process, and contribute to the organization’s social media presence, as well as being involved in daily activities and communications.

The intern will report to Charlie Burke, President of the FRC and receive input from Gail McWilliam-Jellie of the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food and from Rachelle Lyons, Center for Rural Partnerships, Plymouth State University, Vice President of the FRC.

Location: Virtual with statewide travel.



Pax World Management LLC, the investment adviser to Pax World Funds, is a recognized leader in Sustainable Investing, the full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and decision making. Pax World launched the financial industry’s first socially responsible mutual fund in 1971. Today, Pax World offers a comprehensive platform of Sustainable Investing solutions including Pax World Funds, a family of no-load mutual funds; ESG Managers™ Portfolios, multi-manager asset allocation funds powered by Morningstar Associates; ESG Shares®, the first family of ETFs devoted exclusively to a Sustainable Investing approach; and separately managed accounts for institutional investors.

Pax World seeks to invest in forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models. To identify those companies, we combine rigorous financial analysis with equally rigorous environmental, social and governance analysis. The result, we believe, is an increased level of scrutiny that helps us identify better-managed companies that are leaders in their industries; that meet positive standards of corporate responsibility; and that focus on the long term. By investing in those companies, we intend for our shareholders to benefit from their vision and their success.

Pax World is a rapidly growing small company headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a friendly, collegial and growth-oriented professional work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to high standards of corporate social responsibility, both in our investment approach and in the way we try to conduct our own business.

Social Innovation Internship at Pax World:

The intern’s role and responsibilities will be to:

  • Conduct research on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that illuminate Pax World’s ESG analysis and principles
  • Assist the sustainability research department with research related to sustainable investing

Pax World is a recognized leader in sustainable investing, and identifying and analyzing ESG issues and trends is important to our success. As noted above, the research conducted by our sustainability interns helps us in that endeavor. The Director of the Sustainability Research Department will supervise the intern.

Location: Portsmouth, NH.



PLAN: The Post-Landfill Action Network is a nonprofit organization with the mission of building a nation-wide, student-led, waste-reduction movement. PLAN builds on the success of the Trash 2 Treasure program on the University of New Hampshire campus.

Here's how PLAN works:

  1. First – we offer start-up funding, consulting services, and support to select student organizers through a competitive application process. Our first application cycle is due in mid-October and is available on our website.
  2. Second – we offer access to a network of membership benefits and discounts - helping student organizations cut costs on program expenses like trucking, storage and supplies. These benefits will be available to campuses with already-established initiatives to help them expand their efforts and reduce waste as much as possible.
  3. Third – once programs are self-sustaining, we will help student organizers conduct campus wide waste audits, identify areas for improvement, and fashion their own solutions through our national network of sustainable businesses.

Our ultimate vision is a nation-wide movement of post-landfill, zero-waste campuses all across the country.

Social Innovation Internship at PLAN:

While PLAN is a nonprofit, it is also a social entrepreneurial venture and will operate on a mostly earned-income model through multiple sources of funding, from corporate sponsorships, to membership fees from the student organizations we consult with. The intern will be responsible for work on the following major projects:

  1. Research up-cycling and recycling companies for business partnerships
  2. Research into responsible business sponsors
  3. Market research on potential school clients in the Northeastern United States

Reports on all research and records of contact will be carefully documented and shared so that PLAN can continue to build upon these relationships in the coming years.

Location: Durham, NH.


Born a plastics company in Portsmouth, NH, Poly Recovery has steadily evolved, becoming a local leader and pioneer in sustainable, locally-based, full-service recycling. Our commitment to excellence in recycling starts with a full sustainability audit of our client, and ends with industry-leading service and a true sustainable recycling program. We identify immediate revenue streams and significant cost-savings over “dumpster haulers” through what many consider unconventional recycling practices.

With over thirty-five years of plastics experience, we utilize industry leading, state of the art technology along with the best trained personnel to handle even the most difficult, high volume recycling problems. The results are excellent business relationships with some of the largest plastic companies and paper mills in the world and a reputation for being among the best in the business.

Having both small businesses and a number of the largest manufacturers throughout New England as current clients, Poly Recovery has proven that sustainable recycling is scalable, and that companies of all sizes can benefit from the 100 Mile Model solution.

Sustainable, local recycling is a challenge, but with Poly Recovery, one can be certain that they are receiving the most environmentally friendly, geographically conscientious recycling service available. Challenge your current conventional recycling practices today!

Social Innovation Internship at Poly Recovery:

The role and responsibilities of an intern at Poly Recovery will include; Completion of Sustainable Recycling Audits (SRA) for local businesses; Learning to identify different types of plastics in the plastics laboratory; Assisting in client communications; Logistics; and Account management.

The intern may also head up the photo lab for material documentation, provide content for monthly newsletters, provide content for social media marketing efforts/campaigns, provide sample material to accounts and potential accounts, assist with data management for incoming material, and shadow each member of the Poly Recovery team.

The UNH intern will report directly to, General Manager Mike Mooney, but will collaborate with the entire staff at Poly Recovery. The importance of an internship with Poly Recovery is to help identify future recycling leaders and help Poly Recovery on its mission to create a world where Sustainable Recycling is the standard, not the exception.

Location: Portsmouth, NH.



When the Portsmouth Historical Society took over the Discover Portsmouth Center, it took on an enormous task of creating the cultural gateway to Portsmouth. We believe that Portsmouth needs a central location where, in cooperation with other groups, we can introduce cultural Portsmouth to the visitor and to residents. Our years of success and increasing growth have proven we are on the right track. We have grown from 6,000 to 22,000 visitors in about 4 years.

We are in the process of creating a sustainable business model through a planning process that will conclude in April. Our success will depend on re-inventing the way nonprofits do business in Portsmouth and understanding our place in the cultural and economic ecosystem of downtown Portsmouth.

Social Innovation Internship at the Portsmouth Historical Society:

We have three distinct opportunities for an intern to make a great contribution to this effort. We can discuss which opportunity fits best depending on the applicant:

  1. We want to build an innovative philanthropy program that allows local businesses to “invest” in our operations in specific ways that have specific returns, such as helping us purchase merchandise for our retail business. We need to structure how the investments will happen, who will be approached, and what are the deliverables, how will repayment happen, etc. Research needs to be done on other models being used nationally.
  2. We want to grow our capacity for measuring the impact of our work on the local economy. We have important data from the Americans for the Arts survey that proves Portsmouth’s cultural nonprofits contribute over $43 million into the local economy. What further can we understand from these numbers? What can we learn from more qualitative data about the visitors to Portsmouth and their relationship to cultural nonprofits? Can we understand better the impact of Discover Portsmouth on benefitting downtown Portsmouth and its partner organizations?
  3. We want to launch an event rental business for Discover Portsmouth. We need to determine the right scale of rental is for us, how many events, what are the fees, and what do these events cost us? Assistance is needed with the marketing and sales of corporate events, including developing a packet of material and conducting on site tours of the facility to prospective event clients, and reviewing our rental fees, policies, and strategies.

The intern will be supervised by Maryellen Burke, Executive Director of Portsmouth Historical Society.

Location: Portsmouth, NH



“Resident ownership is a good investment – stable fees, a beautiful community, and people getting involved.” - Dottie Hillock, homeowner & community leader, South Parrish Road Cooperative, Winchester, NH

Problem Statement: 2.7 million US homeowners own their home but rent the land beneath it in the country’s 50,000 “mobile home parks” or “land-lease communities.” Governed by state law, these communities present varying degrees of exposed risk as a result of the homeowners’ lack of land tenure.

Resident ownership of the community – through a co-op – is the quickest and simplest means for homeowners to gain the economic security associated with land ownership – control over costs, limits on outside party profits, community improvements, and limits on change of use community closures.

ROC USA, LLC is a social venture that combines expert technical assistance (“TA”) and financing to help homeowner cooperatives purchase their “mobile home parks.” ROC USA is a national scale initiative that builds on the nearly 30 years of market experience of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund. Nearly 5,700 homeowners today live in New Hampshire’s 103 co-op communities.

ROC USA is affiliated with eight non-profits and has capitalized a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) to scale the New Hampshire model nationwide. Since its May 2008 launch, ROC USA has helped 29 co-ops outside New Hampshire preserve more than 2,200 affordable homes and directly financed $55 million in community financing.

Social Innovation Internship at ROC USA:

For nearly a year, ROC USA has been rededicating itself to serving its ultimate customers: resident-owned communities and the homeowners who live in them. House values depend on demand. A strong marketing program is key to developing and maintaining strong and growing house values. The successful co-op is one in which homes’ time on market is short and sales are professional, seamless, and in demand.

The Intern will work closely with the Communications & Marketing Manager to complete several vital marketing projects, including:

  • Developing websites for each co-op in the ROC USA Network (one example: www.parkplaza.coop);
  • Developing materials for co-ops to market their communities themselves;
  • Expanding our recently launched online training platform;
  • Tailoring materials and programs for marketing single-family home loan products;
  • Expanding our social media presence and engagement.

This internship will provide the successful candidate with an array of solid portfolio pieces that will not only enhance his or her marketing experience and skills, but also offer a strong “real-world” complement to a solid academic record

Location: Concord, NH.



Timberland’s mission is to equip people to make a difference in their world. We do this by creating outstanding products and by trying to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. We have a rich New England heritage that inspires the way we make our products and run our business. We make boots, shoes, clothes and gear that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. And we don't rest on our accomplishments -- if we did, we'd only have ever made one waterproof leather boot.

One part of our history and our future that makes us particularly proud is our commitment to doing the right thing. We are always looking for innovative ways to limit our impact on the environment; incorporating eco-conscious materials that you might not expect, such as plastic bottles or recycled fishing nets, into our products are just a couple examples of our continued commitment to be environmentally conscious. Whether it's making products with the environment in mind, volunteering in our communities, or planting trees around the world, we care about our colleagues, our community and our planet. HOW we do our business matters.

Social Innovation Internship at Timberland:

The Social Innovation Intern will gain valuable business experience working at Timberland’s World Headquarters in Stratham, NH. Supervised by the brand managers of the Global Marketing Department, this person will be responsible for supporting the team’s values marketing initiatives, and should have versatile skills to help in other areas such as social media, organization of marketing tools and assets, and coordination of sample product.

The Social Innovation Intern will be responsible for work on the following major projects:

  1. Supporting the organization and planning of a Fall 2013 auction for charity. This project involves working with the global brand team to plan, launch, and execute a live/online auction, from which all proceeds will be donated to a Timberland partner charity.
  2. Coordination and organization of updating, merging and refreshing the Timberland Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Involvement websites.

Location: Stratham, NH.



The UNH Foundation was established in 1989 to build private support for the University of New Hampshire. Our energetic team of dedicated professionals works in concert with the University to strengthen programs, support deserving students, provide opportunities for our talented faculty, enhance facilities, and address other areas of need.

Social Innovation Internship at the UNH Foundation:

Reporting to the VP of Finance & Treasurer of the UNH Foundation, the intern will support the Foundation’s ongoing data-driven analysis of opportunities in sustainable investing. The intern will be responsible for researching, analyzing, summarizing and presenting data on topics including: investment return rates for sustainable investment funds, comparable ESG funds for the current portfolio, community investment across asset classes, and sustainable investment policies at higher education institutions.

Location: Durham, NH.



Veris Wealth Partners is a national sustainable wealth management firm dedicated to aligning families’ and foundations’ financial objectives with their mission and values. They structure fully-diversified portfolios that aim to drive social and environmental change while bringing rigor and discipline to the investment process. They believe this approach represents today’s most sophisticated investment thinking. Understanding the landscape of sustainable investing is a core Veris expertise. They strive to help their clients access superior investment and impact opportunities by leveraging their deep knowledge of relevant financial, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Social Innovation Internship at Veris Wealth Partnerys / Carsey School:

The Social Innovation Intern will split his/her time evenly each week between Veris Wealth Partners and the Carsey School. At Veris, the intern will be a part of their multi-office Sustainability Team tasked with improving Veris’ commitment to corporate responsibility.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating team meetings by helping to prepare meeting agendas, maintaining team’s action/item list and documenting meeting minutes
  • Creating the company’s annual carbon footprint documentation spreadsheet and calculating the companies 2011 carbon footprint
  • Participating in the selection of the company’s 2011 carbon offset
  • Supporting the creation and implementation of company sustainability initiatives: for 2012 this may include creating a formal 1% for Community Investment campaign and materials and/or investment manager and vendor assessments & policies
  • Supporting companies’ ongoing evaluation for B Corporation status (B Corps are a new type of corporation that use the power of business to create public benefit)

The intern will report to Alison Pyott, Wealth Manager, in the Portsmouth, NH office.

At the Carsey School, the intern will serve as the “intern’s intern” for the Social Innovation Internship, helping to organize trainings, document and market the internship, and prepare for campus activities in 2013-2014. Strong writing and communication skills are critical, as well as a passion for mobilizing other UNH students around the theory and practice of social innovation.

Location: Portsmouth and Durham, NH.