2012 Internships

2012 Organization & Internship Descriptions


American MoJo (MoJo) is a Boston-based social venture, whose objective is to address the issues facing mothers who are poverty-stricken. By providing freedom from the strain of daycare costs and a new career path for this underserved demographic, MoJo enables a new start for moms who desperately need it.

Understanding the Problem: The economics of single-parent family mean that single mothers are disproportionately represented among the poor. Among U.S. households headed by 11 million single mothers, 40% live below the poverty line, compared to 12% of male-headed families. Overall, women with dependent children comprise two-thirds of the poor population, a phenomenon referred to as the "feminization of poverty." A major part of the problem is that daycare costs for even one child can consume the majority of a woman’s salary, making it feel difficult to justify returning to the workforce from a personal and financial standpoint.

Creating a Solution: MoJo exists to create sustainable employment opportunities in the apparel manufacturing sector for this underserved demographic, and is utilizing the proceeds from your purchase of a MoJo product to provide better wages, a chance at a new career path, and more importantly, freedom from the prohibitive daycare costs that keep so many mothers from re-entering the work force and being able to support themselves and the families that need them.

Social Innovation Internship at American MoJo:

An internship with American MoJo will give the right candidate the experience of a lifetime in a for-profit social venture.  The role is extremely hands-on and varied. The right candidate will be versatile, and willing to do everything from writing social media posts to doing research on new programs to adding to our soft skills and education programs, to working on marketing collateral. The role will likely also include some account management and the onboarding of new clients. No two days are the same, as the company is growing quickly. The internship will be based in MoJo’s plant in Lowell, MA. There is a chance there will be a role available in the Bay Area as well. This role will be focused more on helping to set up a new facility (managing contractors to implement electrical wiring, the purchase of machinery, layout planning, candidate sourcing, and any number of other responsibilities). American MoJo looks for positive, motivated individuals to join its team, as our culture is what defines us and we inspire each other to be the best we can be.



The Manchester Public Health Department has been in existence since 1885, and to this day continues to provide the highest level of public health services to the people of Manchester. The Manchester Health Department is the leading advocate for local public health in New Hampshire. Its mission is to improve the health of individuals, families, and the community through disease prevention, health promotion, and protection from environmental threats.

Social Innovation Internship at Manchester's Department of Health:

The intern will be an integral part of the Department's food access and healthy living programs for Manchester. S/he will:

  • Create food access indicators for neighborhood health data profiles
  • Explore healthy food purchasing and distribution within various community-based entities that serve vulnerable populations
  • Identify existing community efforts and major stakeholder groups who are interested in improving access to healthy foods for vulnerable populations




Dare Mighty Things, Inc., located in Portsmouth, NH and Washington, D.C., provides management consulting services that help clients implement social solutions. Our mission is to deliver technology-infused, performance management solutions for large-scale programs that affect vulnerable populations. We apply our knowledge, training, and organizational expertise to the task of supporting those who work with the least empowered in our society.

Among other things, our programs, trainings, and solutions have been instrumental in changing the national landscape for vulnerable youth, through a wide range of mentoring and engagement programs; we have helped to establish uniform support services to military families impacted by the deployments of the last decade; and we have fortified nonprofit, social service organizations, nation-wide, in their efforts to provide services to our most disadvantaged citizens.

We are a privately owned, small business. Our clients are primarily in the government and nonprofit sectors.

Social Innovation Internship at Dare Mighty Things:

The Social Innovation Intern will work with our Creative Learning Solutions (CLS) team in our Portsmouth, NH office. The intern will be called upon to research and report on current trends and latest advances relevant to a specified topic as part of our work in support of military families, re-integration, and youth engagement. This individual will apply adult learning principles, various instructional methodologies, and scenario-based, learner-driven approaches to the development of curriculum in support of nonprofit programs, foundations, and government agencies. The research and curriculum development will be integral to development and enhancement of our training curriculum for these programs and ultimately enhance positive outcomes for the social service organizations and vulnerable populations these programs support.

The Intern will be supervised and mentored by the CLS Manager, and will work closely with the CLS team and program manager(s) to ensure research and delivery integration.



Humanitarian Organization for Local Development (HOLD) is an Afghan, non-profit, and non-governmental organization established in 2008. The motivation behind the establishment of HOLD was on one hand to alleviate the sufferings of Afghan people, in particular women and children as the prime victims of over three decades of civil and political unrest, and on the other to contribute towards the development of Afghanistan in the fields of education, human rights, governance, and local development.

HOLD has been active in the area of community empowerment through educational and health awareness programs; improving local governance; skill development; rural sustainable economic development; and capacity building in the fields of political participation, civic education and human rights. Ever since, the organization has grown rapidly to attain its current status among the large civil society sector in Afghanistan. HOLD’s activities revolve around communities and their interests. It believes in human rights, good governance, effectiveness, sustainability, accountability, transparency, program monitoring and evaluation, both external and internal. HOLD is committed to building Afghan capacity through partnership and alliances with other civil society organizations, public and private institutions, and regional and international entities.

Social Innovation Internship at HOLD

HOLD seeks an organized self-starter with a true passion for HOLD’s mission. Together, we will define the project around the intern’s interests and abilities. Some possibilities include:

  • Social and Legal Protection Services to returnees and IDPs (Internally Displaced People) in three provinces of Afghanistan. The intern would write progress reports, create forms and surveys, and work with the project manager based in Kabul on the overall management of the project.
  • Civic Education and Community Leadership. HOLD is working with NH-based Rubia to provide training to the local trainers. We are considering a survey or assessment of the social and economic implications of this project to assess how and in which ways it has helped the lives of the women in rural communities.
  • English Language Program. HOLD’s English Language Program is a two-year program with the goal of increasing women’s and men’s participation in the socio-economic life in Farah Province. The program target group is 200 boys and girls who are mainly high school students and graduates. In addition to improving the English language skills, the program also aims at introducing students to different cultures, broadening their perspective towards cultural difference and diversity, building their interpersonal skills, enhancing their sense of creativity, developing tolerance towards cultural differences, and therefore being more self-confident through a number of various enrichment activities. The intern would design curriculum, assessments, marketing materials, and generally provide technical support to the Program Manager of HOLD.

The intern will work from home (or a location of his/her choosing) and communicate with colleagues in Afghanistan via Skype. S/he will also meet with HOLD’s Executive Director in Boston or New Hampshire in person once a week during the first month and as appropriate in the second month.



Founded in 2001, More Than Wheels (formerly Bonnie CLAC) is the only nonprofit car organization in the country that uses a uniquely comprehensive set of services to help struggling families and individuals break the cycle of poor financial decision making using the car buying process to catalyze lasting change, financial stability, and control. The program can save a client more than $10,000 and provide the empowering skills and confidence to achieve a lasting positive impact to the client's work, life, and health.

Since inception, More Than Wheels has served more than 1800 people, arranging for over $16M in loans. After all, a car is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It’s how people get to work. It’s how they get to the grocery store. It’s how they get their kids to a doctor’s appointment. Unfortunately, it can also land them in an overwhelming cycle of debt.

More Than Wheels gives people a better way to buy a car, providing a proven and effective set of tools that helps them get back on the road to financial freedom. It’s a program that demands hard work and diligent financial planning, but the results have been life-changing for those willing to see it through.

As a result of obtaining reliable and affordable transportation and empowered with new knowledge and skills, many are able to improve their job prospects, their family’s health and well-being, their credit and overall financial stability. A survey conducted by the Carsey School at the University of New Hampshire showed:

  • 75 percent reported spending less on car repairs.
  • 73 percent reported a better overall financial outlook.
  • 50 percent are better able to get to their jobs.
  • 52 percent had improved access to health care.
  • 38 percent have improved access to nutritious food options.

Our funding model is a combination of earned fees and support from philanthropy.

Social Innovation Internship at More Than Wheels:

The Social Innovation Intern will assist us in developing creative marketing activities that help to increase the number of clients entering into the More Than Wheels program. We are looking at various strategies such as earned media, social media, advertising and opportunistic marketing initiatives in order accomplish our strategic goals. We are looking for an intern who can assist us in taking on one of those areas - providing key research, then developing both the strategy and beginning implementation of the work.

The intern will be under the direct supervision of Debby Miller, NH Executive Director, and Jennifer Gee, External Affairs Coordinator. The intern will be based in the Manchester, NH office, and also travel to interview clients and participate in regional activities as appropriate.



New England Footwear Manufacturing LLC (NEFM) is a footwear innovation company advancing the art and science of athletic footwear design, development, and manufacturing. Our approach will produce first quality, cutting edge performance footwear at costs equal to or lower than our Asian competitors, and allow for the return of manufacturing the U.S. or any other “closer to the customer” market.

Our game-changing approach is powered by material & process innovations that eliminate the need for extensive hand labor, and which replace it with a combination of virtual 3D tools and mechanization. Our approach is ten times more labor efficient than conventional manufacturing, replacing the current dependence on abundant low-skilled labor sourced in Asia.

Our process also advances the latest design trends in stitchless, lightweight footwear designs, and provides an entirely new multi-dimensional design palette unachievable by conventional factories. Our many innovations will allow NEFM to capture a small but meaningful portion of the existing $6 billion manufacturing opportunity for branded athletic & outdoor footwear sold in the United States alone.

Led by two industry veterans, Doug Clark and Jim Sciabarrasi, NEFM is a winner of the 2011 Green Launching Pad competition.




Pax World Management LLC, the investment adviser to Pax World Funds, is a recognized leader in Sustainable Investing, the full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and decision making. Pax World launched the financial industry’s first socially responsible mutual fund in 1971. Today, Pax World offers a comprehensive platform of Sustainable Investing solutions including Pax World Funds, a family of no-load mutual funds; ESG Managers™ Portfolios, multi-manager asset allocation funds powered by Morningstar Associates; ESG Shares®, the first family of ETFs devoted exclusively to a Sustainable Investing approach; and separately managed accounts for institutional investors.

Pax World seeks to invest in forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models. To identify those companies, we combine rigorous financial analysis with equally rigorous environmental, social and governance analysis. The result, we believe, is an increased level of scrutiny that helps us identify better-managed companies that are leaders in their industries; that meet positive standards of corporate responsibility; and that focus on the long term. By investing in those companies, we intend for our shareholders to benefit from their vision and their success.

Pax World is a rapidly growing small company headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a friendly, collegial and growth-oriented professional work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to high standards of corporate social responsibility, both in our investment approach and in the way we try to conduct our own business.

Social Innovation Internship at Pax World:

The intern’s role and responsibilities will be to:

  • Conduct research on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that illuminate Pax World’s ESG analysis and principles
  • Assist the sustainability research department with research related to sustainable investing
Pax World is a recognized leader in sustainable investing, and identifying and analyzing ESG issues and trends is important to our success. As noted above, the research conducted by our sustainability interns helps us in that endeavor. The Director of the Sustainability Research Department will supervise the intern in Pax’s Portsmouth, NH office.




At Revolution Energy (Revolution), we take the hassle out of renewable and alternative energy systems by crafting creative financing solutions through tools such as long-term power purchase agreements, service and performance contracts with regional businesses, schools (public & private) and municipalities. A typical solar PV project is 100 kW and offsets 1,159,200 lbs of CO₂, reducing a client’s dependency on fossils fuels by over 67,000 gallons and takes over 110 passenger cars off the road during its typical contract term. The following programs are Revolution’s main sources of income:

  • Power Purchase Agreements: The customer agrees to purchase the electricity produced at an agreed upon rate over a period of time, allowing installation of renewable energy systems at little or no upfront cost.
  • Service Agreements: After the desired energy system is installed, the customer pays a flat annual rate and Revolution guarantees output and is responsible for all necessary service and maintenance responsibilities during the contract.
  • Performance Agreements: Revolution models energy savings from multiple renewable technologies and efficiency improvements and the customer pays a portion over the savings generated, allowing for systems to be installed for no upfront cost and with annual payments less than current energy expenses.

Social Innovation Internship at Revolution Energy

Revolution Energy is in need of an education/marketing support intern to help develop the message of the company as we move into a growth phase. The development of our core business has been our main focus in the past few years. The following responsibilities would be a good set of expectations we would have of this intern:

  • Organization of all current marketing materials
  • Proof and adjust all marketing materials as needed
  • Develop new content for any new materials needed
  • Support sales team in market research or competitive analysis
  • Create a list of competitors for RE to compare services & pricing against
  • Provide fresh content for RE website
  • Prepare a “project template” to be used as case studies on & offline
  • Support to curriculum deployment to educational clients

Additionally, engineering students are also welcome to apply given the potential need for engineering support.

The intern will report to co-founder Mike Behrmann, but will be expected to work independently with a fast-paced group. Revolution’s offices are in a refurbished mill building in downtown Dover, NH.




“Resident ownership is a good investment – stable fees, a beautiful community, and people getting involved.” - Dottie Hillock, homeowner & community leader, South Parrish Road Cooperative, Winchester, NH

Problem Statement: 2.7 million U.S. homeowners own their home but rent the land beneath it in the country’s 50,000 “mobile home parks” or “land-lease communities.” Governed by state law, these communities present varying degrees of exposed risk as a result of the homeowners’ lack of land tenure.

Resident ownership of the community – through a co-op – is the quickest and simplest means for homeowners to gain the economic security associated with land ownership – control over costs, limits on outside party profits, community improvements, and limits on change of use community closures.

ROC USA, LLC is a social venture that combines expert technical assistance (“TA”) and financing to help homeowner cooperatives to purchase their “mobile home parks.” ROC USA is a national scale initiative that builds on the 26 years of market experience of the NH Community Loan Fund. Over 5,400 homeowners today live in New Hampshire’s 97 co-op communities.

Launched in 2008, ROC USA is affiliated with ten non-profits and has capitalized a US Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) to scale the New Hampshire model nationwide. Since its launch in May of 2008, outside of New Hampshire, ROC USA has helped 13 co-ops preserve nearly 1,000 affordable homes and directly financed $19 million in community financing.

Social Innovation Internship at ROC USA:

ROC USA is presently advertising to hire a Communications & Marketing Manager with direct responsibility for an ambitious work plan in 2012. The Intern will work closely with the Communications & Marketing Manager to complete several vital projects, including:

  1. Materials and a program for co-ops to market their communities themselves;
  2. Materials and programs for marketing single-family home loan products;
  3. Materials and programs for marketing services to homeowners in communities who might be interested in resident ownership and to industry audiences interested in selling their communities;
  4. Plan and develop message and brand for the on-line training platform that will be in development in the summer of 2012; and,
  5. Plan and develop a social media strategy.




Veris Wealth Partners is a national sustainable wealth management firm dedicated to aligning families’ and foundations’ financial objectives with their mission and values. They structure fully-diversified portfolios that aim to drive social and environmental change while bringing rigor and discipline to the investment process. They believe this approach represents today’s most sophisticated investment thinking. Understanding the landscape of sustainable investing is a core Veris expertise. They strive to help their clients access superior investment and impact opportunities by leveraging their deep knowledge of relevant financial, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Social Innovation Internship at Veris Wealth Partners / Carsey School:

The Social Innovation Intern will split his/her time evenly each week between Veris Wealth Partners and the Carsey School. At Veris, the intern will be a part of their multi-office Sustainability Team tasked with improving Veris’ commitment to corporate responsibility.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating team meetings by helping to prepare meeting agendas, maintaining team’s action/item list and documenting meeting minutes
  • Creating the company’s annual carbon footprint documentation spreadsheet and calculating the companies 2011 carbon footprint
  • Participating in the selection of the company’s 2011 carbon offset
  • Supporting the creation and implementation of company sustainability initiatives: for 2012 this may include creating a formal 1% for Community Investment campaign and materials and/or investment manager and vendor assessments & policies
  • Supporting companies’ ongoing evaluation for B Corporation status (B Corps are a new type of corporation that use the power of business to create public benefit)

The intern will report to Alison Pyott, Wealth Manager, in the Portsmouth, NH office.

At the Carsey School, the intern will serve as the “intern’s intern” for the Social Innovation Internship, helping to organize trainings, document and market the internship, and prepare for campus activities in 2012-2013. Strong writing and communication skills are critical, as well as a passion for mobilizing other UNH students around the theory and practice of social innovation.