What will you do to make UNH a better place?

UNH is a community that cares about each other. Being a part of the UNH community means living by a collective standard: the standard that we relate to each other with respect and responsibility. All UNH students, faculty and staff, with particular attention to First Year students, will receive messaging that will teach them what it means to be a Wildcat.

Here at UNH, YOU CAN HELP™ by always getting consent for sexual activity each and every time, by having healthy and respectful relationships, by getting involved with volunteerism to make UNH a better, safer, more inclusive community, by believing and supporting friends and community members that have been assaulted and by holding others accountable for their inappropriate behaviors. Wildcats take action and safely help when they see a potentially harmful situation.

Students take on this message as their call to action and they become a positive change in their community. This is the culture at UNH and this is what it means to be a Wildcat.

Wildcat Standards

Wild E says YOU CAN HELP!

We chose to help by becoming facilitators of the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program™, by helping our peers and teammates realize how they can preventviolence at UNH. Daniel Rowe & Casey DeAndrade, UNH football, MVP student facilitators

Educate yourself and others

You can’t know the potential of your abilities to help your community without seeking out the education to support your choices. YOU CAN HELP is about inspiring yourself and others to be better Wildcats. There are a variety of social justice issues that you may not have had the privilege to experience or explore before coming to UNH. There may be beliefs or attitudes that you have about people that have been socially deemed as “others” in our society.

YOU CAN HELP is about creating opportunities to explore those beliefs and attitudes through respectful and open dialogues. It is about inspiring people to see another view, learn something new and take what you have learned to impact the community around you.

I chose to help by volunteering at SHARPP. I and other  student volunteers help run a 24 hour support line that  survivors and their friends can reach out to.

YOU CAN HELP is about what you will do with this new knowledge to make UNH a better place.