Talking Points With Your Student

We know there is a lot for you to discuss with your student before they begin their time here at UNH. With so much in transition, we hope this list will serve as a helpful launching point for an open dialogue between yourself and your student. Together, we can help best prepare your student for UNH life and help set them up for success!

As parents, families, and loved ones you're able to play a critical role in teaching your student about respect, boundaries, and consent. Whether that be through discussions related to bodily autonomy and recognizing/respecting other people's boundaries, or modeling everyday examples of consent.

  • Learn more about consent, healthy relationships, and interpersonal violence (IPV). Familiarizing yourself with these topics is a great place to start before having a conversation with your student.
  • Share what you know (and/or what you learned) about relationships, consent, and campus IPV (sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking). Discuss ways your student can engage in consensual and healthy relationships and recognize red flags if they occur. 
  • Discuss the relationship between alcohol use and sex. Spend time talking about how alcohol and other drugs can impact someone's ability to make safe choices, or to help friends. Help your student recognize the signs of intoxication and incapacitation (in both themselves and others).
  • Emphasize that you are a resource for your student. Encourage them to check in with you throughout the academic year and help ensure they feel comfortable and safe doing so. Highlight the campus resources available to them.
  • Encourage your student to find out how they can help in preventing sexual violence and relationship abuse on campus. Talk about ways they can be an active bystander for a roommate, friend, classmate, or stranger.

Photo Source: Conversations On Consent