Survivors Speak

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We know that no one person’s story is alike. We know that no one survivor’s experience is the same. This space is for survivors to have a voice. To speak.

You can help change the way people think about and respond to interpersonal violence at UNH. SHARPP connects survivors with opportunities to share their stories and educate the public.

If you would like to participate, please reach out to us here.


It is so hard to find the words to embody what SHARPP means to me. The gratitude I feel for the wonderful people that they are is indescribable. ~anonymous UNH survivor

Asking for help does not come easily for me, and on my fifth lap around campus, I had finally collected enough courage to walk through the SHARPP’s doors. They listened to me with unwavering compassion, respect, and non-judgmental kindness. They asked the right questions to help me tell my story, and never pressured me toward any decision. SHARPP’s unconditional support gave me a lifesaving ounce of hope during a time, so indescribably hard. They believed in me more so, at times, than I believed in myself and were there whenever, and however, I needed them. SHARPP was a safe place that lessened my overwhelming shame, embarrassment, and fear of my experience. They stood by my side and fought with me for the voice that was taken from me. They were always, always there with a hug, kind (or funny) words, and a listening ear.

No one should ever have to experience sexual assault. Survivors should never have to endure it alone. Sometimes I think about what my life would look like if I had succumbed to my fearful mind and never walked through SHARPP’s doors. It’s a scary thought because I honestly don’t know. Every survivor needs a place to be heard, a place to feel safe, and a place to feel every terrifying feeling with someone who understands. SHARPP is that place. ~anonymous UNH survivor

SHARPP’s unconditional support gave me hope during a time, so indescribably hard. They believed in me when I doubted myself and were there whenever and however I needed them.

anonymous UNH survivor


“If you’re thinking about talking to SHARPP, don’t wait. You don’t have to hurt for another minute. I am so grateful I turned to SHARPP after my assault. I didn’t realize how much they would and could do for me. My family was unsupportive during this time and SHARPP helped me as much as any invested family could.”
“Without SHARPP, where would we go? What would we do? This thought scares me because I know that if SHARPP never existed, I would have buried my assault and trauma deep and it would have eventually destroyed my life. I think I would have committed suicide if it wasn’t for SHARPP.”
~Analisa, co-founder of UNH survivors, student survivor

“Thank you for holding my hand on one of my darkest days. I hope I was able to express how grateful I am for your compassion, and competence. I'm a pretty self reliant guy most of the time, but sometimes there are things that will knock you down that you don't even see coming. I'm not as tough as I tell myself I am! To have someone from SHARPP set me back on my feet was most unexpected, and welcome.”            

–anonymous father of student survivior

I almost didn’t walk through SHARPP’s door–I hated asking for help and thought I could do it on my own. But I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am now without them. ~anonymous UNH survivor

SHARPP made me feel safe, gave me hope that I could heal, never pressured me toward any decision, and were always, always there when I needed them.~anonymous UNH survivor

I could not be more thankful that I reached out and grateful for the incredible people that they are. ~anonymous UNH survivor

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