Relationship Skills Class

Join SHARPP and OMSA in a series about Healthy Relationships!

Relationships Skills Class is a national curriculum created by the The NW Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse  that the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) and SHARPP are partnering to bring to UNH this fall!

What is Relationship Skills Class?

The Relationship Skills Class (RSC) series offers practical skills and creative strategies to support the creation of loving and equitable relationships of all kinds facilitated by SHARPP and OMSA.

Sessions include content on anti-oppression, values, expectations, negotiations, accountability, boundaries, conflict, and community connections.

When will it be?

The class will run in Spring 2020. Dates TBD.

Where will the classes be held?

A specific room will be sent to registrants in their confirmation email!

Why do a Relationship Skills Class?

SHARPP has heard the requests from students, staff, and faculty that there needs to be more comprehensive messaging on how to build equitable relationships. We wanted to bring a curriculum to campus that centered building healthy relationships firstly on us as individuals. Figuring out our own values and what they mean to us.

"This self-awareness is an important foundation then of solid relationships. In the end, being "in charge of oneself" is the basis for connecting--meaningfully, sustainably, and lovingly--with someone else" (Connie Burke, Introduction of Relationship Skills Class).

Through offering this meaningful series at UNH we hope to, through centering our values, lead to healthier relationships in our community.

Can my partner(s) and I do Relationship Skills Class together?

You totally can! Relationships Skills Class gives individuals so many tools to think critically about themselves in order to build more equitable relationships. While you can register with your partner(s) the class is designed to be taken as an individuals. The content focuses on you building skills as an individual and is not a place to process specific relationships or experiences. The facilitator will ask participants to not group with their partner(s) during group work time throughout the class.

How do I register?

Registration is open to everyone in the UNH community and is free to participate. You can use the link below to get sent to the registration form. Once registered, a SHARPP staff member will call you to learn a bit more about you, your goals, and hear what you're hoping to cover in the class.

Registration Opens Spring 2020


A member of SHARPP staff would be happy to answer questions about this new offering at UNH before or after you've registered. Please reach out to SHARPP's Outreach & Training Coordinator, Erica Vazza, via email or by calling the office at 603-862-3494.