Incoming Students & Families

Welcome to UNH!
Welcome to the University of New Hampshire!

We are the Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program! But UNH students know us more commonly as SHARPP. We provide free and confidential support, advocacy and education to the UNH community on issues of sexual assault/violence, relationship abuse, stalking, getting consent and healthy relationships.

The first 6 to 8 weeks at college can be the most exciting and challenging for a first year and transfer student. There is a lot to know about sex, alcohol, getting consent, relationships, and personal safety. And there are important things to remember in regards to UNH’s Student Code of Conduct with respect to your protection and rights pertaining to sexual violence and harassment that are covered by federal law, including Title IX, a landmark federal civil right that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education. Our services are here for both the students and their families. To help, we have provided the most commonly asked questions from incoming students we get each year and answered them for you. We have also provided commonly asked questions from families and talking points to discuss with your student.

By the time you graduate from UNH, you will most likely have encountered a SHARPP in some way. Whether it be an educational table at the MUB, a SHARPP presentation in an academic class, a SHARRP program in your residence hall, attended one of our annual events like our Open House, the Being Fierce and Fabulous Expo, or the student production of The Vagina Monologues, participated in our annual Anti-violence Rally & Walk, or chose to be a SHARPP volunteer. In addition, it may also be likely that as a UNH student, you or someone you know will have come to us seeking help with a recent or past sexual assault, an unhealthy relationship, relationship abuse or concerns about stalking.

We’re always here to help.