Emergency Help

What should I do if a friend tells me she/he is in imminent danger?

If your friend calls and tells you that s/he is in imminent danger of being hurt, the most important thing to do is to is call 911 and encourage your friend to do the same.

You do not need to be with the victim to call the police, and you can play an important role in helping your friend be safe if you feel that s/he is at risk of harm. 

Before you call, make sure that you know where your friend is so that you can give accurate information to the police. If it’s practical and your friend chooses not to call the police themselves, keep your friend on the line while someone else talks to the police. That way, you can make sure that your friend is safe and you can get updated info for the police, if they need it.

If you witness or think you are witnessing someone in imminent danger, it’s also important to call 911, even if you’re not sure, or you don’t know that person.

Seeing someone push, grab, hit or threaten another person are indicators that the other person may need assistance in order to be safe.  Overhearing a fight in a neighbor’s room is another time to seek help, either by calling 911 or engaging the help of you RA or RHD, if you live in a residence hall.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to call 911 because you’re not sure that what you’re seeing or hearing is important enough. When in doubt, it’s always better to call 911.