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Chat with an Advocate

(Monday-Friday 9am-4pm)


SHARPP greatly values your privacy and safety. We’ve taken many steps to protect information you share in this chat, however it is important to acknowledge that no internet communication is 100% secure due to spyware and other such software. (Learn more) 

If you have concerns regarding the security of your internet connection, device, or our web chat we encourage you to speak with an advocate by calling our 24/7 helpline at (603) 862-7233 instead.

We do not record or maintain any transcripts of chats, and do not have access to any of your identifying information, such as name or location, unless you choose to share that with us. You do not have to share any information unless you wish to. As confidential advocates we will keep all information you share private with the following exceptions:

  • There is current danger or harm to a minor (under the age of 18) or an adult who is reliant on another for care, whether this is yourself or another person. In this event, we may have to contact a protection agency.
  • If we are concerned that you will take actions to end your own life or endanger the life of another person.
  • You provide written permission for SHARPP to disclose information to another party (such as the police or another UNH department) to assist in you accessing other information or services. If you wish to do this, we would need to connect in another platform outside of our web chat, such as by telephone or e-mail.

SHARPP's chat feature is meant to allow for members of the University of New Hampshire community to receive support in a way that best meets their needs. When you join the chat, the advocate will start the conversation by asking you two questions to determine the safety of technology, and how we can be most effective. You will be asked to confirm whether you are using a safe device, and will be asked about your affiliation with UNH so that we can help connect you to the most appropriate resources.

If you get disconnected from the chat for any reason, you can reach an advocate through our 24/7 helpline (603) 862-7233, or by emailing staff directly.