About the staff

Amy Culp, SHARPP Director

Amy Culp

Amy has worked at SHARPP since 2002. She was the Direct Services Coordinator for 11 years and after a national search, was recently named the Director. 

As the Director, Amy oversees all facets of SHARPP- administrative (grant management), direct services and outreach and education. In addition to UNH, Amy represents SHARPP on the Participating Member Committee (PMC) with the New Hampshire Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence and the advisory boards for AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program.

Amy believes SHARPP is an important office to give voice to an “invisible population.” Victims of sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking and sexual harassment have often lost their voice and SHARPP allows them an outlet to work on regaining that voice, whether it’s making a report to the police or just needing a listening ear. People will often remark about how difficult it must be to work for SHARPP and to listen to such horrible stories all day. The reality is that the people we serve are very resilient and their resiliency constantly amazes Amy. It’s always a reminder that no matter how many textbooks we read and courses we take, it all goes out the window when you’re bearing witness to another person’s story.

Some facts about Amy:

  • Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and a very, very proud Midwesterner;
  • Earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia (go Tigers!) and her Master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire;
  • Is married with 2 young sons, two dogs, 1 fish, and a varying number of yard fowl—guineas, chickens and a rooster;
  • Attempts to balance family, work, friends, alone time, and depending on the day, all with varying degrees of success (see above);
  • Is very proud to have co-lead UNH’s Workplace Flexibility initiative which started as a grass roots movement from the President’s Commission on the Status of Women and moved quickly to the administrative level;
  • LOVES hockey! She is a huge fan of the St Louis Blues and plays on a women’s ice hockey team;
  • Dislikes the sound of balloons popping;
  • Is very funny, just ask her.

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