UNH White Ribbon Campaign

UNH Men are Part of the Solution!

During the month of April, The UNH White Ribbon Campaign (UNHWRC) works towards inspiring men at UNH to “Be Part of the Solution” of helping to end violence against women on campus and throughout their lives. It's about being part of the conversation towards change in what it means to be a man, offering tips on how men can help end sexual assault and harassment, and asking you to know when to engage and speak out against violence against women.

The WRC Pledge:
“Never commit, condone, nor remain silent about violence against women”


Each year the 2018 UNHWRC will be encompassing efforts to engage men in various places across campus. These efforts start with a pledge, followed by awareness raising and training. This approach is how SHARPP intends to engage men meaningfully across UNH.

The Pledge

Take the Pledge! The UNHWRC will be tabling in the MUB and other significant events throughout April. Stop by and get a ribbon, learn what it means, and commit to ending violence.

For more information on the campaign, request materials, or get involved please contact SHARPP’s Prevention Specialist, Zachary, at zachary.ahmad-kahloon@unh.edu.

Violence Against Women Is A Men’s Issues

Fact: Statistically men are the primary perpetrators of violence against women.
Fact: Men have the power to speak out and intervene when male friends, relatives and colleagues insult or abuse women.
Fact: The lives of our partners, friends, sisters, and daughters are damaged by violence and abuse.
Fact: Men can help create a culture in which the behavior of abusive men becomes unacceptable.

greeks participate in the UNH WRC

Can Women Join the White Ribbon Campaign?

The White Ribbon Campaign is only for men. However, women are encouraged to wear the teal Sexual Assault Awareness Month ribbon pin. These can be obtained by visiting/contacting the SHARPP office or at our table in the MUB throughout the month of April.

History of the White Ribbon Campaign

In 1989, a gunman killed 14 women students at the University of Montreal and then turned the gun on himself. His suicide note claimed his reason behind the act was because he blamed feminists for his failures in life. In 1991, Canadian male activists started the White Ribbon Campaign in opposition to violence against women and gender inequality and in remembrance of the massacre.

The White Ribbon Campaign is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

In 2017 the UNHWRC held two events:

  • WildActs Training Event: 4/26|6pm MUB Wildcat Den: “YOU CAN HELP” interactive theatre experience that will focus on how you can help in situations related to physical or sexual abuse in a relationship.
  • Residential Life/Housing UNHWRC Lobby programs! Look for them in your area.

In 2016 we highlighted the work of 5 men who were nominated and selected as White Ribbon Campaign ambassadors. Learn about men at UNH who exemplify the message of the White Ribbon Campaign.

UNH White Ribbon Campaign

UNH White Ribbon Ambassador, Greg Goulski

First Nominated Ambassador: Greg Goulski - UNH Student

Greg is a member of the University of New Hampshire's Interpersonal Violence Research Laboratory. Through is work with the IVRL Greg has facilitated bystander-focused violence prevention programs to high schools and has been regarded as one of their "best male facilitators." Greg is known for helping students of all ages see that they have a role to play in making their schools and communities safer.

 David Kaye

Second Nominated Ambassador: David Kaye, Professor & Chair of Theatre & Dance

David directs WildActs, the social justice theatre troupe here on campus. Every year WildActs performs at First Year Orientation, enacting scenarios and encouraging meaningful discussion about such topics as date rape, sexual assault, and gender inequality, among other topics. It is through WildActs and David's leadership that thousands of students have tackled many challenging issues and learned how to cope in their first year at UNH. Helping people engage in these difficult discussions is at the core of David's work.

Justin Poisson

Third Nominated Ambassador: Justin Poisson, UNH Student

Justin has been a SHARPP peer advocate since the fall of 2015 and has been a vital part of the on-call team which helps to provide advocacy services to victims of interpersonal violence. He has brought this knowledge of sexual violence to his fraternity, Phi Mu Delta (PMD), and has engaged his brothers to also be involved in helping end sexual violence at UNH. Justin also advocates for Title IX issues in his role in Student Senate.

Jimmy Thren

Fourth Nominated Ambassador: Jimmy Thren, UNH Hall Director

Jimmy came to UNH with a passion for ending sexual violence against women, empowering survivors and consistently serves as a role model in his hall and the UNH community. Regarded as a "staff member who is dedicated to exploring topics of masculinity and gender equity", he consistently creates space for his students to discuss, share and reflect on their role in the fight against violence towards women and does so with kindness, care, and a listening ear.

Sean Mitchell

Fifth Nominated Ambassador: Sean Mitchell, UNH Student

Sean set up a program with SHARPP for his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, because he is committed to teaching his peers about sexual assault prevention and how to be an active bystander. Sean has undergone Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) trainings and that has inspired him to create those trainings for his fraternity. He is making a difference in his fraternity and being a positive role model for men who can now be part of the solution to ending sexual violence on this campus and beyond.


Detective Sergeant Michael Bilodeau,  Durham Police
Nominated for always being eager to work with members of SHARPP to ensure survivors receive the resources they need during extremely tough times.

Detective Thomas Kilroy, Durham Police
Nominated for always standing by the survivor and empowering them to make their own decisions.

Joe Green, UNH Student
Nominated for always standing up and intervening when bias incidents are said.

Ryan Grogan, UNH Student
Nominated for is work with SHARPP, Student Senate, and his Fraternity Phi Mu Delta.

Samuel Wardwell, UNH Student
Nominated for always addressing disrespectful behavior geared to women on campus.

Kevin Johnson, UNH Student
Nominated for being the go-to person for several residents who have either been the victim of or friend of someone impacted by sexual violence. As an individual always willing to listen, residents approach KJ and he always involves the UNH police as well as  SHARPP.

Robert Eckstein, UNH Faculty
Nominated for his work with Prevention Innovations Research Center and his work on Sexual Violence Prevention.

Take a look our 2015 UNHWRC video

Take a look at our 2014 UNHWRC video


In 2013, our UNHWRC campaign had a unique goal. With approximately 7,484 men on campus consisting of 6,201 students and 1,283 faculty and staff, our goal is to get 1,000 (a little more than 10% of the total population*) men to take the pledge. Over 1,000 UNH Men took the pledge! (1,053 to be exact!)