UNH Votes

We need YOU to vote in the 2018 midterm elections!

When: Tuesday, November 6

Where: As a UNH student, you can vote in Durham OR you can send in an absentee ballot to your hometown

How: First step is to make sure you're registered! Visit TurboVote.com to learn the steps to register in Durham or back home. Depending on how you're voting, you might even be able register online! They'll send you email or text updates reminding you of deadlines for registration, mail-in ballots, and the big day.

Who: You! We want your voice to be heard. While there isn't a presidential election this year, the following seats and measures will be on the ballot for Durham voters:

  • US Congress
  • New Hampshire governor
  • NH Executive Council
  • State representatives
  • State senate
  • New Hampshire Right to Live Free from Governmental Intrusion in Private and Personal Information Amendment
  • New Hampshire Taxpayer Standing to Bring Legal Actions Against Government Amendment