Small Family Community Fellowship

The goal of the Small Family Community Fellowship is to provide opportunities for students to "Embrace NH" by applying what they learn in the classroom to real-world needs at the local level. By combining the students’ academic pathways with community service, we can enhance both student growth and the common good. Through this fellowship students strengthen and apply essential skills needed for career success.

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Wednesday, August 10 | 3:00-5:00 PM
Squamscott Room, Holloway Commons, UNH Durham


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2022 Fellowships:

Boys & Girls Club of Manchester | Rhea Hernandez (Biotechnology ’24) and Grant Mangan (Biotechnology ’24)

These Fellows will work with the STEM Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester to cofacilitate outdoor science activities with K-8 students at Camp Foster in Bedford, NH. The focus will be the New Hampshire terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and other environmental organisms.

Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth | Anna Gasper (Communication ’24)

The mission of the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth is to lead the business community as a convener of people, businesses, and organizations, through communication, education, support, advocacy, and cooperative opportunities to make the Greater Portsmouth area a better, more prosperous place to live, work and play. This Fellow will be working on executing community events and creating a stronger connection between the University of New Hampshire and the Chamber and the members of the Chamber.

Dermatophytes | Lauren Vaccaro (Biology ’23)

Dermatophytes are fungal pathogens that infect the skin and hair of many species, with the potential for animal associated infections to cause disease in people. This Fellow will be working with the UNH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, investigating the bacterial species associated with dermatophyte infections diagnosed in porcupines and other domesticated animals.

Fisher Population Diversity | Holly Farrell (Biomedical Science ’23)

Fisher are a mammal unique to North America, and an iconic predator of northern forests. This Fellow will work with the UNH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, using microsatellites to characterize the population genomics of fisher in New England.

Hawk Diversity | Tessa Baillargeon (Biomedical Science ’23)

In 2021 a massive mortality event swept up the eastern seaboard of the USA, killing off thousands of songbirds and some Cooper’s hawks. This Fellow will work with the UNH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab to compare the genomes of the affected birds, producing an important contribution to understanding bird ecology and diversity.

Moose Health | Abigail Lebsack (Animal Science ’23)

Moose are perhaps the most iconic megafauna of northern New England. Their health and population stability are a reflection of forest ecosystem health and have important impacts on wildlife agencies and ecotourism. This Fellow will analyze a large number of moose fecal and urine specimens from camera traps throughout the region. The samples and findings will be part of the first collaborative regional health assessment for the species and will be the foundation for future studies.

Harm Reduction | Kat Legier (Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies ’22)

This Fellow will work the with NH Harm Reduction Coalition to support advocacy and programs that “meet people where they are” and support them to achieve their goals. They will provide support for programs such as syringe service, community dinners, and food pantries. They will also support infrastructure development and communications.

NH Judicial Branch | Natalie Mandes (Psychology and Justice Studies ’24) and Arzum Sepici (Psychology and Justice Studies ’23)

These Fellows will work with the NH Judicial Branch on numerous projects, such as launching and expanding its first Diversity & Inclusion program, handling assignments related to the Judicial Branch Standing Committee on Domestic Violence, providing support for the Access to Justice Commission initiative, and more.

STEM Discovery Lab | Savanna Lopez (Biotechnology ’23)

This Fellow will be directly involved in assisting the implementation of STEM youth outreach opportunities for elementary and middle school aged youth at the Granite YMCA. The Fellow will also be involved in designing and implementing creative stem learning opportunities for families, youth and community members at local organizations throughout the summer.

Upward Bound | Kay McGeehan (Linguistics and Spanish ’25)

This Fellow will be working as a Tutor-Mentor with Upward Bound at UNH. Upward Bound is part of the Federal TRIO Programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide fundamental support to high school students from low-income families or families in which neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree. The Tutor-Mentors facilitate the summer residential program and prepare participants for higher education.