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UNH-Hosted Social Franchising Webinar Recordings

March 24, 2021 UNH/IFA Virtual Conference on Social Franchising

Realizing the Promise of Social Franchising

View the webinar agenda, speaker profiles & more.

Webinar (1:33:17 video)

Kidogo Presentation: Sabrina Habib (32:19 video)


Oct 28, 2020 UNH/IFA Virtual Conference On Social Franchising

Using Financing to Unleash the Power of Franchising in the Social Sector

View the webinar agenda, speaker profiles & more.

Conference Welcome Remarks: Hachemi Aliouche, Marla Rosen (13:23 video)

Keynote Introduction & Presentation | Q&A: Julie McBride, Marc Blumenthal (1:02:52 video)

Kidogo Presentation | Q&A: Sabrina Habib (31:15 video)

Jibu Presentation | Q&A: Galen Welsch, Walter Tukahiirwa (59:19 video)

Unjani Clinics Presentation | Q&A: Lynda Toussaint (24:31 video)

Conference Wrap-up & Closing Thoughts: Hachemi Aliouche, Peter D. Holt (6:59 video)