RIFC Internship Award Recipients

2019 RIFC Internship Award Recipients

RIFC is pleased to bestow two (2) $2,500 scholarship awards to students interested in franchising and/or entrepreneurship who have secured a summer internship at a franchise business operation.

Congratulations to Cassandra Hall '20 and Katherine Locandro '20.

Cassandra Hall '20

" As a hospitality management major, I understand that the industry is always changing. It's important to stay relevant, and the experiences I have been blessed to receive have shown me the value in my continuous effort to keep learning. Cassandra Hall UNH Student

I have a deep interest in becoming an entrepreneur in the world of hospitality. I am interested in starting off with vigorous internship programs that are dedicated to the improvement of the students.

In the summer of 2018, I was fortunate to travel to Dallas, Texas, where I began my education with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. I became a food and beverage intern for the duration of the summer season. This was my first internship and it left a major impact. The work that I was involved in proved to be strenuous, diligent, rewarding and educational. I find that I learn best when I am in a hands-on environment and allowed the freedom to fail, learn and improve. 

The Four Seasons is a premier luxury company focused on providing a service culture designed for all people. I share similar values to the Four Seasons, mainly the idea that everyone, from guests to employees, deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and gratitude. Their vision is to ensure that each person understands the importance of guest satisfaction and treating everyone as a special customer. This was visibly true, day after day, and employees in every department came to work with a smile on their face and happiness in their heart.

Working for this company made me realize that it is tremendously realistic that I may one day work for a business I love to be at. I found my passion for not only the service aspect that comes with catering to a guest at a hotel, but also for appreciation of my fellow coworkers. 

Before the summer of 2018 came to a close, I was approached by the upper management team at the Four Seasons. We discussed my involvement with the company and the opportunities that were available for the following summer. I spoke with the resort manager at the Four Seasons Oahu, Hawaii about the possibilities available.

I next found myself in contact with the human resources director at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole location discussing other internships. We conversed about my, at the time, current internship and what more I was searching for. By the end of the call, I found myself receiving an offer to work as a room and housekeeping intern at their Jackson Hole, Wyoming property. I immediately said yes and knew I would figure out the details later. After my summer in Texas, I cannot imagine working for any other company. Also, gaining the opportunity to work at two separate locations before graduating college will give my resume a unique edge when it comes time to compete for a manager in training position. 

Through to the Paul College Internship Opportunity Fund (IOF), this $2,500 RIFC Intern Scholarship Award will help to fund my travel and living expenses during my internship, and enables my further education and knowledge of the hospitality  industry so that I may give meaning to the "Paul Pride" in all that I do. I'm very appreciative for this support. There is no way to better repay the generosity than using the kindness to enhance the lives of all those within the scope of service."


Katherine Locandro '20

" My goal in life has always been to work for a company that is at the top of their industry, and that would give me the chance to travel the world.

The first stepping stone toward reaching my goal begins with my acceptance of an internship offer from the Four Seasons. Katherine Locandro UNH student

Four Seasons summer interns are placed in the Food and Beverage or in Operations departments. Knowing I want to work in a sales department, gaining an internship with Four Seasons did not seem like a reality. After meeting their recruitment team, they made an exception for me and offered me a summer internship in the Sales Department at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Dallas, Texas at Las Colinas! Upon receiving the paperwork in October, I immediately accepted.

Overwhelmed with joy, I called my parents and told them the exciting news and the crucial role this internship will play in pursuing a full time position at Four Seasons after college. My parents have always supported me in all of my endeavors, but with two children at UNH and my youngest sister attending the University of Pennsylvania this coming fall, my parents' financials are extremely tight. I am extremely fortunate to have my parents fund my UNH education, but while one college education might be do-able,  next year they will be spending upwards of $100,000 in college expenses. 

I can afford the monthly rent I pay in Durham, NH because I work during the school year while attending my UNH classes.  However, Four Seasons does not provide housing for interns, so I also need to fund the additional expense for my summer housing in Dallas. Unable to turn to my parents for more financial assistance, my internship at Four Seasons no longer seemed to be an exciting first step in my career, but a fiscal nightmare that I could not afford.

I am very thankful to receive the $2,500 RIFC Intern Scholarship Award through the Paul College Internship Opportunity Fund (IOF). This stipend will cover housing for my 13 weeks in Dallas, as well as my flight travel,  and commute to work. This award takes a major weight off my shoulders when trying to afford a work experience that will be a phenomenal kick-start to my career. Thank you." 


2018 RIFC Internship Award Recipients

Meghan McGonagle '20

" I have accepted an offer from Marriott International as an intern in the rooms division at two properties in Boston, Massachusetts. Aloft Boston Seaport, and Element Boston Seaport are newly acquired properties in Marriott's Starwood collection.Meghan McConagle UNH Student 2018

This highly-sought after internship is incredibly important to my career goals.

Learning hands-on with Marriott will not only give me the experience necessary to work in the lodging industry, but will also give me the opportunity to apply and develop the knowledge I’ve learned in the classroom. 

Marriott International is one of the most successful lodging companies in the world. With over 30 brands, Marriott truly has a culture all its own.

This internship will cross-train me in the rooms division between housekeeping and the front desk. Learning to improve my customer service skills and professionalism first-hand from a company of this caliber is truly an honor. 

The $2,500 RIFC scholarship is not only allowing me to pursue this internship, but  is also allowing me to pursue my dreams. Unlike many students that attend college, I support myself in my academic endeavors. I do this by working many hours in the summer and even working Fridays and Saturdays during the school year. 

These scholarship funds are going to pay for my commuting transportation costs  to and from the city of Boston from where I live in NH. My commuting expenses   will include a rail LinkPass, subway fees to the Seaport, and gas and parking fees for the days that I need to drive into Boston due to my shift schedule.

Having this scholarship fund my transportation costs will enable me to save the money I’m working hard for to continue paying for my education."


Ruiyue Liu '19

" I’m a hospitality management major student who expects to graduate in August 2019. I’m interested in human resource management, event planning and food & beverage. My career goal thus far is to be a professional manager who knows how to manage a resort, and knows hospitality industry well. Ruiyue Liu UNH college student in 2018

I have secured a great 3-month summer internship with Hilton Worldwide at the Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton Resort based in Boca Raton, Florida.

This is an excellent development platform for me to transfer knowledge learned in class into real life, and to discover my talent.

This is a high-quality internship that provides current college students with hands-on experience and training in specific disciplines of hotel operations with the hope of developing future leaders for Hilton.

As an intern, I will experience every job through general duty rotation, which is necessary for any resort management candidate. In addition, my Waldorf Astoria internship will provide me with valuable career-prep learning opportunities through their Mock Interview Workshop and Hilton University classes to help me with professional networking. New horizons will be open to me.

Moreover, there will be resort property mentors helping me to determine my hospitality career path. As an intern, I will also receive value feedback and evaluations from team members with whom I interact directly.

Travel costs to and from Florida, housing for 3 months, and meal expenses are not  covered by Hilton. As an international student here at UNH, I must also face the challenge of moving to Florida all by myself.

The $2,500 RIFC intern scholarship will help to fund my travel and living expenses during my internship. Although the scholarship amount won’t cover all of these costs, it will help to relieve my housing burden and will give me more confidence in this internship opportunity.”