2016 SSFI Roundtable

2016 Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable Conference @ UNH

Event Theme: Building Common Ground and Understanding for Scaling Social Sector Franchising

Event Date: September 27 & 28, 2016

The Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable (SSFIR) was an invitation only conference convening a diverse cross-section of social sector franchise entrepreneurs, commercial franchise experts, social impact donors and investors, scholars, and students. The goal of the Roundtable was to identify barriers to growth and define actions that can build the social sector franchising ecosystem among diverse contexts, customers, financing, and donor/investor relationships.


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2016 SSFI Roundtable Conference Outcomes - Highlights:

  • A commercial and social franchise expert panel mapped out common interests to build bridges between commercial practices and social sector goals.
  • Impact investors and donors explored how to move projects from pilot to investment-ready and discussed risk factors and design weaknesses, which may impede participation of social-oriented investors in the social franchise sector.
  • A health panel discussed the role of health franchises in delivering high quality essential care to people in the developing world.
  • Three social sector franchise cases, each at a different stage of maturity and complexity, were the subjects of a day-long Accelerator process that resulted in action plans to be implemented over several months. These social sector franchises will receive ongoing support and will report their progress, as well as any challenges.