Mass Spectrometer and Elemental Analyzer – GeovisION Solution

GeovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope analysis in the Earth Sciences and comprises of both the isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer and the vario PYRO cube elemental analyzer. GeovisION is the ideal solution for understanding macro and micro cycling of organic elements such as C, O, H, N, and S in the Earth Sciences. The GeovisION solution is powered by ionOS, the most sophisticated yet simple stable isotope software ever created.


Prior to isotope analysis, bulk organic and inorganic materials are converted to sample gases in the vario PYRO cube elemental analyzer. The vario PYRO cube combines a pyrolysis analyzer (up to 1,500 °C) with a fully functional elemental analyzer for carbon, nitrogen, and/or sulfur determination with combustion and reduction tubes.The samples gases from the EA inlet then go through the isoprime visION IRMS for stable isotope analysis. Isoprime visION offers exceptional bulk and compound-specific isotope analysis and is a system that is centered on maintaining its simplicity while achieving highly accurate analysis.

Isoprime visION has complete automation through digital control, which is powered by centrION. The centrION system handles the monitoring and gas injections required for instrument performance checking, and is also the central interface for the isoprime visION’s inlet interface. 

Manufacturer:     Elementar
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Location:             Morse Room 345


  • 100V amplification for large dynamic range samples
  • Unique purge and trap chromatography for exceptional separation gases
  • Zero blank ball valve sample introduction for low-concentration nitrogen analysis
  • A patented backflushing technique in pyrolysis mode that completely separates contaminant N2 from CO prior to analysis
  • Exceptional SO2 performance for analysis of inorganic sulfur-containing materials
  • Auto sample dilution
  • 120-position sample carousel that can be added to in real time, as well as being temperature-controlled to reduce water vapor contamination

Principal Scientist: Andrew Ouimette 

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Morse Hall Rm 345, 
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-0847
Email: Andrew Ouimette



CN (difficult) $12/Sample
S                         $17/Sample
CNS                       $20/Sample
OH Solids             $14.50/Sample
OH Liquids $19/Sample
Non-Exhalable H $65/Sample