Covid-19 Processes


The UIC follows the same guidelines as the rest of the University for COVID processes and additionally requires adherence to UIC specific guidelines as outlined below. 


UNH has a process to authorize access to facilities for essential research which can be found on the research website. Once this process is approved, access to the UIC can be granted for UNH faculty, staff and students per the following process.

  • Each person must complete the CEMS Online COVID-19 Training program and forward the certificate with passing grade to the UIC.
  • Each person must complete the UIC Online COVID-19 Training program and forward the certificate with passing grade to the UIC.
  • Faculty, staff and students are required to follow the university’s COVID testing requirements and be prepared to provide evidence of an acceptable status (e.g. Wildcat pass) at the time of training or facility access following approval ifrequested by any UIC staff member.


  • Visitors to the UIC including suppliers, customers, contractors, and sales people are expected to work closely with the UIC staff to ensure all requirements are being met prior to coming on campus.
  • Dependent on the scope and nature of the visit, approved visitors may be required to provide appropriate testing results or complete a health self-attestation form, they may be required to complete the same CEMS and UIC Online COVID-19 training programs, and they will be required to comply with the University’s COVID-19 requirements and other established guidelines.
  • All UIC visitors must obtain approval from a UIC staff member in advance of their arrival to campus to ensure all requirements are met.
  • Please contact the UIC for more information


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