UIC Advisory Board


The University of New Hampshire Instrumentation Center Advisory Board’s mission is to provide a forum for the Instrumentation Center partners and collaborators to help shape the future of the organization to the benefit of the students, faculty, researchers and industrial clients.

Goals and Objectives

  • To promote the objectives and interests of the UNH-UIC to the research and scientific community at the USNH, the industrial community, governments, UNH Administration, other New England colleges and New England schools (grades K-12)
  • To provide thought leadership on innovative concepts and directional input for the UIC initiatives and strategic direction.
  • To provide guidance and support in the definition of shared instrumentation needs, acquisition, and obsolescence.
  • To help champion efforts and provide leadership in members areas of responsibility to aid in facilitating change.
  • To provide input to ensure UIC alignment with stakeholders’ and users’ initiatives and requirements.
  • To take concrete steps toward K-12 outreach activities designed to help grow the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) pipeline, particularly through increased awareness of capabilities and opportunities.

Board Members

  • Shawn Banker         Director, University Instrumentation Center
  • Louise Griffin          Associate Vice President & Chief Research Administration Officer
  • John Tsavalas         Associate Processor - Chemistry and Material Science
  • Rick Cote                 Professor, Director of the Center of Integrated Biomedical and                                                  Bioengineering Research
  • Kevan Carpenter    Director CEPS Tech Services Center
  • Laurie Westover     Instructional Laboratory Specialize - MCBS
  • Kelley Thomas       Professor, Director of the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies