Electron Microscope, Transmission – Zeiss/Leo 922 Omega

A transmission electron microscope is used to characterize the microstructure of materials with very high spatial resolution. Information about the morphology, crystal structure and defects, crystal phases and composition can be obtained.

Transmission Electron Microscope

The Zeiss/LEO 922 Omega TEM is a research microscope with accelerating voltages of 120 and 200kV and has magnification from 80X to 1,000,000X with a resolution line of 0.12nm. The in-column energy filter allows researchers to look at unstained or faintly stained materials and tissues. The high resolution objective lens allows the user to tilt a single-grid specimen holder plus or minus 15 degrees.

Manufacturer:                  Zeiss/Leo  
Model No.:                          922 Omega
Year of manufacture:    2001
Year acquired:                   2003
Location:                             Parsons Room NM-17AC

  • Accelerating voltage 120 KV
  • Resolution line of 0.2 nm
  • Sample size – Diameter = 3 mm max

Principal Scientist: Nancy Cherim

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Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-2790


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$68.00/hour  assisted
$28.00/hour unassisted

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