Patrick Messer

Messer on the Move

RCC’s director, Patrick Messer, has spent the last few weeks on the move, networking and learning around the country.  He started with the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC) fall conference in Arlington, Virginia. 

Moving Big Data

The Operating Innovative Networks (OIN) workshop was held on the UNH campus August 26 – 27, 2014.  The workshop brought together networking experts from around the country to train university network engineers to build networks to support data intensive science.

In attendance from RCC were Rob Anderson, Patrick Messer, Mark Maciolek, and Tom Baker.  Participants learned about science DMZ construction and dynamic networks. They were also given the opportunity to perform hands-on problem solving in virtual environments. 

RCI Home to First Cray Supercomputer in New England

The Lenharth Data Center has become home to the first Cray supercomputer in New England.  On Monday, November 4th, an open house was held to introduce the community to the new supercomputer and to share with people the importance of this acquisition. 

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