UNH Updates New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) Env-A 1400 Air Toxics Compliance Demonstration Report

UNH recently completed a third party review of current NHDES Env-A 1400 requirements for the Durham campus, the Rochester Landfill Gas Processing Facility, as well as an assessment of Regulated Toxic Air Pollutant (RTAP) emissions from UNH’s Manchester and School of Law campuses. In completing this review, UNH has updated the compliance demonstration to accurately characterize estimated ambient impacts of individual RTAPs.

NHDES Public Service Announcement

Weather-Related Public Service Announcement

"Snow & Ice Can Damage Fuel Storage Tanks"

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services wants to remind residents that snow and ice can damage outdoor heating oil/propane/natural gas tanks, and the piping connecting the tank to the building.

Damage to tanks, filters, and associated piping can result in gas leaks and heating oil spills. Gas leaks are an explosion/fire hazard, and costly heating oil spills must be cleaned up to protect property and the environment.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Praises UNH

On September 10th-11th representatives of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) performed an unannounced inspection of university facilities to determine compliance with New Hampshire rules regulating the management of hazardous wastes. OEHS staff accompanied the NHDES representatives during their inspection of hazardous waste management practices in Kendall, Parsons and Rudman Halls, the Whittemore Center Arena and the OEHS Central Hazardous Waste Accumulation facility.

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