Lenharth Data Center

Morse Hall Rooftop Chiller Testing 3/9/15 - 3/13-15

Facilities is testing RCC’s newly installed back-up rooftop chiller during the week of March 9th.  The Lenharth Data Center in Morse Hall is cooled by the UNH chiller plant.  Facilities will attempt an auto fail-over to test that the system switches automatically from the Campus Loop to the rooftop chiller.  The rooftop chiller is to be used to cool the 2,000 square foot data center in the event that there is a failure of the UNH chiller plant.

Questions can be directed to RCC’s Associate Director, Rob Anderson at rea@sr.unh.edu.

RCI Home to First Cray Supercomputer in New England

The Lenharth Data Center has become home to the first Cray supercomputer in New England.  On Monday, November 4th, an open house was held to introduce the community to the new supercomputer and to share with people the importance of this acquisition. 

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