UNH Researchers Honored with Awards and Fellowships

Four UNH researchers recently were honored for their outstanding research and public service: David M. Burdick, Andy Fast, Becky Sideman and Lisa M. Jones.

Crimes Against Children Research Center Receives Grant To Help Victims of Child Pornography

The UNH Crimes against Children Research Center has received a $217,000 federal grant to help the victims of child pornography by identifying promising treatment and policy responses to promote their recovery. Funded by the Office for Victims of Crime at the U.S. Department of Justice, the two-year grant is part of a larger grant to the National Center for Victims of Crime, with which the UNH Crimes against Children Research Center and the National Children’s Alliance are collaborating partners.

UNH Researchers Find that 'Sexting' by Minors Isn’t Very Common

According to a new study by researchers from UNH's Crimes Against Children Research Center (CCRC), one in 10 children ages 10 to 17 has used a cellphone to send or receive sexually suggestive images, but only 1 in 100 has sent images considered graphic enough to violate child pornography laws. 

“Lots of people may be hearing about these cases discovered by schools and parents because they create a furor, but it still involves a very small minority of youth,” said lead author Kimberly Mitchell, research assistant professor of psychology at the CCRC.

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