Into the Bush - The misadventures of a geographer

A baboon chased Assistant Professor of Geography Joel Hartter into the Indian Ocean in South Africa. In Uganda, hippos chewed grass underneath his tent—while he was in it. He has stumbled upon armed poachers, outrun an elephant, and almost died from African Spotted Fever in the worst case doctors had ever seen. Apparently, it's all in a day's work for Hartter, who has conducted research in Africa for the last eight summers.

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TSAS Professor's Passion for "Pastoralism" Helps Feed a Hungry Planet

A new audio slideshow explores the work of UNH's Drew Conroy during the year he spent in Namibia, Africa. Conroy, a professor of applied animal science at the Thompson School of Applied Science, has traveled the world teaching about and researching techniques that are helping people to sustainably feed themselves.  Known in New Hampshire as "the Ox Man," Conroy believes that oxen can play an important role in making small farms sustainable.


UNH Receives NSF Grant to Study Changes in Climate, Population, and Land Use in Africa

The University of New Hampshire has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study changes in land use and conservation around national parks in Africa as part of a larger investigation of tropical deforestation and degradation, which are major causes of global climate change.

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