February 2015 Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarly Activity Training

New Hampshire’s Bobcats Are Thriving

Bobcats, whose habitat historically has been the rocky outcroppings and rugged geography of southwestern New Hampshire, now exist throughout the Granite State, according to John Litvaitis, professor of natural resources and the environment at UNH.  Litvaitis leads a four-year study conducted by scientists from UNH and the NH Fish and Game Department that has shown that the elusive bobcat has adapted to live among people.

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UNH Researchers Part of $8.9M NASA Grant to Study Evolution of Life in the Universe

Vaughn Cooper, UNH associate professor of microbiology and genetics, and his team of scientists will share in a major grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), collaborating with researchers from universities across the nation to study the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the Universe. Cooper’s team will look specifically at how microbes growing on surfaces, or in biofilms, can modify their environments and evolve synergistic interactions that reflect the origins of multicellularity.

Erik Swartz Leads Innovative Research to Reduce Head Injuries in Football

Erik Swartz, professor of kinesiology, has received a major grant from Under Armour, the NFL and GE as part of their Head Health Challenge II to advance research and practice to better protect against brain injury. The disruptive ideas introduced by the grantees are designed to increase brain safety for athletes, members of the armed forces, and society at-large.

UNH Receives Grant to Expand Bystander Intervention Education to High Schools

The Department of Psychology and Prevention Innovations have received a grant in excess of one million dollars from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to test the effectiveness of Prevention Innovations’ sexual assault and relationship violence bystander prevention program, Bringing in the Bystander®, with youth in nearly 30 high schools across New England.

UNH IACUC Sets Spring 2015 Semester Meeting Schedule

UNH Research Digest ‒ October 2014

The UNH Research Digest collects research news stories from across the University and provides brief summaries that showcase the breadth and depth of our research, scholarly activity, and artistic endeavors.

Preview a few of October’s stories below. Find the rest of the October Digest articles at the UNH Research Office web site: http://www.unh.edu/research/unh-research-digest.

The 2014 Innovators’ Dinner

UNHInnovation hosted the annual Innovators’ Dinner on October 9th to celebrate the intellectual property achievements of the past year. Faculty, staff, and students gathered in Huddleston Hall to recognize the collective hard work that resulted in 124 license agreements, 68 innovation disclosures, six patents filed, six patents issued, two trademarks registered, over $500,000 in royalty income, and upcoming initiatives geared towards entrepreneurial creation, development, and support.

Nov 12th Discussion: Choosing and Using Citizen Science: Methods for Engaged Environmental Research

Researchers, faculty, students, project coordinators, and volunteers are welcome to join the discussion,"Choosing and Using Citizen Science: Methods for Engaged Environmental Research" on Wednesday, November 12, 12:30 - 2:30 pm in Gregg Hall, Room 320. Ice cream will be served.

Participants will hear examples and best practices for working with the public to advance research, and learn what makes a citizen science project successful.

Resources for Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) has on its website a series of case studies addressing a variety of topics in the responsible conduct of research. The ORI Casebook: Stories about Researchers Worth Discussing (Casebook) is designed to raise awareness of the types of ethical dilemmas researchers may encounter and provide a way to work through them.

The Casebook consists of the following eight topic chapters:


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