Space Scientists Explain Physical Mechanisms of Sun Explosions

In a paper just published in Nature Physics, an international team of space scientists, including researcher Noé Lugaz in the Space Science Center of the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, explains the mysterious physical mechanisms underlying the origin of sun’s powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

WSBE Researcher Studies Public Reaction to Celebrities' Personal Views

Bruce Pfeiffer, assistant professor of marketing in the Whittemore School of Business and Economics (WSBE), has conducted extensive research about how people react to celebrities once they know their personal viewpoints.

He has found that those who are most vocal about political, religious, and social causes may pay with decreased popularity and reduced income.  The more the public knows about celebrities’ personal views, the less we like them, according to Pfeiffer.

UNH Researchers to Create Sustainability Science-Based Afterschool Program for Rural and Indigenous Youth of New England

A multidisciplinary team led by UNH researchers will engage over 2000 rural and indigenous youth in afterschool programs across New England in which they will map sustainable practices (MSP) within their communities.

The goals of the project are to (1) strengthen the connection for youth between science and their home and community lives, and (2) research whether the program improves science achievement in traditionally underachieving groups.

Institute on Disability and NH Division of Public Health Services Partner to Promote Health of Those with Disabilities

The UNH Institute on Disability (IOD) and the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services will collaborate on a new program to promote and maximize health, prevent chronic disease, improve emergency preparedness, and increase the quality of life of individuals with disabilities.

The New Hampshire Disability and Public Health Project is funded by a three-year, $900,000 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is sponsoring live fire extinguisher training on November 1st.  The training is an approximate 20 minute block that includes a brief lecture on the safe and proper use of portable extinguishers, and also includes actual hands on use.  The training provides valuable information and experience that can not only be used here at UNH, but at home.  To sign up, please contact Brian Cournoyer, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at 862-4761 or brian.cournoyer@unh.edu .  Please visit our web site to check it out.

Federal Research Update Webinar Series Oct 29 - Nov 2

Key federal agencies will communicate their annual updates on research priorities and budgets in a free, week-long Federal Research Update webinar series that will be broadcast live from Washington D.C. from Monday, October 29 through Friday, November 2, 2012.

Viewers will be able to watch any or all of the individual 90 minute presentations throughout the week. The format will allow for questions from participants around the nation.

Agencies that will present updates are:

Understanding the Relationship Between Copyrights and Music

In collaboration with the Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization and the UNH Music Department, we would like to welcome Peter McGovern and Dr. Catherine McGovern, experts on copyright, entertainment, and music law.

The McGoverns will be conducting a special presentation for students and faculty on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, from 12:40 – 2:00pm in Bratton Hall, M-135. The general subject of this presentation will be copyright issues and laws as they relate to arts in general and to music in particular.

Impetus for Social Upheaval

While walking around campus to hand deliver invitations to our second Annual Inventors Dinner, either along the way or upon arrival to my destination, the response was “what a nice touch, personal delivery, I get to actually meet you face to face”.  Most days I spend a lot of time communicating via email, voice mail, web posts, Google alerts and when brave, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and texting.  It’s amazing how much can be transacted with these technology-based devices.

Announcing the 2012-2013 Innovation Catalyst Seminar Series

The Office for Research Partnerships & Commercialization is excited to kick-off the Innovation Catalyst Seminar Series for the Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 academic year.  Hosted monthly, the Series allows for the discussion of issues and case studies, led by experienced speakers, that are common interest and relevant to technology invention and commercialization.  The idea for this informative series was first introduced to UNH in early 2011 by Marc Sedam, Executive Director, as a way to increase the awareness and understanding of the role that intellectual property plays in fostering a cre

Effort Certification Reminder

To:  Principal Investigators and Project Directors, UNH Sponsored Programs Community

This is a reminder that all effort reports for FY12 activity must be reviewed, certified, and received in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) by September 30. Please return the completed certifications to your effort certification coordinator/BSC contact, clearly indicating any needed revisions. 


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