UNH Historian Chronicles the Millennium-long Story of Our Impact on the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic has long-shaped the lives of people who depended upon it for survival. And just as surely, people have shaped the Atlantic. “The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail” is an innovative account of this interdependency written by W. Jeffrey Bolster, an associate professor of history at UNH and professional seafarer.

EOS Scientists Help Shape the Next Tools for Studying Earth Systems from Space

Oceanographer Joe Salisbury of the Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory and atmospheric scientist Carolyn Jordan of the Earth Systems Research Center are part of a large group of scientists from around the country working to define the science questions and the instrument/mission requirements for a new Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events satellite (GEO-CAPE).

Long-term Study of Cyanobacteria by COLSA Biologists Helps Keep Swimmers Safe

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) biologist Jim Haney and his team of researchers have been conducting research for the past decade to learn what effects cyanobacteria and its toxins may have on human health through water and the food web.

Cyanobacteria is responsible for the blue green scum sometimes seen on ponds and other bodies of water. The toxins it produces may have a range of health effects, including gastroenteritis, tumors and cancer of the liver, neurological disease, seizures, or even death. 

Hutchinson Sealing Systems Awarded NHIRC Technology Innovation Grant for Eco-friendly Automotive Window Weatherstrips

The New Hampshire Innovation Research Center (NHIRC) at UNH and Hutchinson Sealing Systems, Inc. (HHSI) have co-funded a project to develop eco-friendly weather strips that seal retractable driver and passenger-side windows. Ronald U. Goulet, adjunct professor of mechanical engineering, is the principal investigator leading this research.

Hutchinson, located in Newfields, manufactures vehicle weather strips for cars, trucks, and RVs as well as engineered seals used for HVAC systems, computer cabinets, and other containers.

Underemployment Persists Since Recession, With Youngest Workers Hardest Hit

Underemployment has remained persistently high in the aftermath of the Great Recession with workers younger than 30 especially feeling the pinch, according to new research from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire.

Underemployment is defined as part-time workers in search of full-time work or working part-time because the hours of a former full-time job were reduced involuntarily.

Critical information about NSF reporting requirements

UPDATE:  The NSF has confirmed that awardees must stop submitting project reports in FastLane as of February 1, 2013.   NSF will transfer project reporting from FastLane to Research.gov on March 18, 2013.  The transition to Research.gov requires that reporting in FastLane be frozen; so, to assist grantees with this transition, the overdue date will be extended for all project reports that are currently scheduled to become overdue between January 31 and April 30, 2013.


Imaging Radiation in Space, Imaging Radiation in our Backyards

Medical imaging isotopes transported on the highway. Improperly disposed radioactive research materials. Industrial site monitoring. Dirty bombs. Detecting radioactive materials at ports and border crossings before they enter the US.

If we can image radiation in the galaxy, what about imaging radiation in our backyards?

Answer: NSPECT – A Portable Imaging Neutron and Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

How it all came about:

Understanding the Relationship between Copyright and Music

So many questions:

  • What are your (copy)rights as a composer?
  • How do you protect them?
  • What if you want to use someone else’s music?
    • For a homework assignment? Or a classroom performance? 
    • Or to showcase the amazing work that your department produces?

And a path to finding the answers:

NASA's Planetary Science Division Needs Reviewers -- Volunteer!

NASA's Planetary Science Division is currently seeking volunteer reviewers for 2 programs:

  • Outer Planets Research
  • Maturation of Instruments for Solar System Exploration

A web form for volunteers can be found at http://science.nasa.gov/researchers/volunteer-review-panels/ where volunteers can indicate their interest and areas of expertise.

Oh Canada, Attending the LES Annual Meeting

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Annual Licensing Executives Society (LES) meeting in Toronto, Canada. Aside from enjoying the local fare and nearby sites, I received the rewarding experience of networking with industry, government and university professionals as well as gaining insight on new licensing opportunities and methods.

Licensing 101


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