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Resource Category Topic Type
Fly America Act
Award/Funding Management Form
Government Shutdown Information
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Administrative Guidance
Government-wide Standard terms and Conditions 
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
Grant Closeout Instructions
Award/Funding Management Education & Training Instruction & Training
Defines Program Income and explains how it is proposed and administered at UNH
Award/Funding Management Administrative Instruction & Training
University of New Hampshire Guide to Sponsored Programs F&A Cost
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Budget Guidance
Hourly Approval in Wise
Award/Funding Management Resource
Implementation of Revised Procurement Standards
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Institutional Information Sheet
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Resource
Internal Research Support Policy and Procedures
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Key personnel guidance.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Guidance on limitation of costs for federal contacts
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Meals on Federally (or Federal Flow Down) Sponsored Projects Guidance Statement
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Guidance on monitoring budgets.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Master Agreement between UNH and the State of NH for projects funded by State of NH Agencies
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
Guidance from NSF on the salary cap
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Guidance for no cost extensions.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
NSF policy states that individual users should not have more than one NSF ID. If you receive a "Multiple Accounts Found" pop-up alert message each time you sign into NSF systems, you are subject to grace period expiration beginning on August 20, 2019.
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Other
We are required by the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (Chapter II.E.7), effective February 25, 2019, to provide all event participants with information on the University’s policy on sexual and other forms of harassment or sexual assault as well as directions on how to report any violations of this policy.
Award/Funding Management Other
NSF Notification Requirement Regarding Finding of Sexual Harassment
Award/Funding Management Resource