Research Area: Engineering & Physical Sciences

Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping (CCOM)/NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center (JHC)

A NOAA-supported national center of expertise in the fields of coastal hydrography and advanced coastal ocean mapping  that fosters a new generation of hydrographers and ocean mapping scientists and develops and evaluates a wide range of state-of-the-art hydrographic and ocean mapping technologies and applications

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

A multidisciplinary scientific research institute dedicated to understanding the integrated behavior of the Earth and its surrounding universe

Center for Alternative and Renewable Energy Research

(aka Center for Clean and Renewable Energy Research)

Provides organizational cohesion and enhances public recognition of the role of chemical engineering in the area of alternative/renewable energy research

Engineering & Physical Sciences

At UNH, research in engineering and the physical sciences explores phenomena from the almost imperceptible subatomic and ‘nano’ scales to the global scale and beyond. Studies of atoms and molecules deepen our understanding of them and point to new applications in product design and manufacturing. Learning about materials and processes involved in roads and bridges, robotics, turbulent flow in air and water, and how to contain, clean up, and prevent damage to rivers and oceans contributes to improved built and natural environments in New Hampshire and elsewhere.

UNH Research Areas - Welcome

UNH Research Areas

UNH research has had a notably positive impact on the community across a broad range of research areas, due to the efforts of faculty, students, and staff working in the colleges and focused research centers and institutes.


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