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Cool Start-Ups: Cutting Edge and Breaking the Boundaries

Come hear how two brothers who started Summer Sessions Surf Shops helped create the shift from “hard core surfers to mainstream family surf experiences in the surf world,” and OhMiBod winning the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) “Digital Health and Fitness Product Award” for the Lovelife Krush helped change the one-time socially taboo discussions of sex products to a mainstream understanding of sexual health and well being.

Grant Management 101: Processing & Management of Grants

This session will provide an overview of the grants process and will cover the entire grant life cycle which includes: developing a proposal, starting the project, managing the resources and closing the grant.


Understanding the Many Benefits of the UNH Chemical Environmental Management System (CEMS)

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) and the Research Computing Center have developed an online chemical inventory system (CEMS) for chemical owners, laboratory associates, students, and emergency responders on the campuses of UNH Durham and UNH Manchester.

During this session, Karrie Myer, Environmental Compliance and CEMS Coordinator in OEHS, will provide a brief overview of the UNHCEMS program, including:

Ultralow Temperature Freezer Symposium

Hosted by UNH University Instrutmentation Center, in partnership with UNHInnovation, the UNH Sustainability Institute, and the UNH Energy Office

This symposium will address the critical issues relating to the proper, safe, affordable, and environmentally responsible storage of biological and chemical samples using ultralow temperature freezer technologies. 

Building Blocks for Your Career: Promoting Your Research

If a tree – even a well-funded, IRB-approved, peer-reviewed tree – falls in the proverbial woods and no one hears it, your research might not have the impact it could.

We’ll talk about taking research communication beyond the check-box on your grant proposal and making it integral to your work – and fun! Learn about talking to reporters, using social media, accessing communicators around the university, and the amazing communications tool you carry in your pocket.

Building Blocks for Your Career: Mentoring Graduate Students for Success

Graduate students need preparation to be the next generation of researchers and educators.

At this workshop, a panel of UNH faculty and administrators experienced in working with graduate students will discuss strategies to enhance grad student participation in research, to mentor grad students with regards to their teaching, and to improve grad students' grant seeking and writing skills.  

Building Blocks for Your Career: Collaborating at UNH

Collaboration is critical for a successful research career. By combining complementary skills and diverse perspectives, researchers are better able to tackle complex societal challenges and access a range of funding opportunities. However, building and sustaining collaborations can be challenging, especially when partners bridge departments, disciplines, schools, institutes, and colleges.

This session will provide guidance on finding and developing productive collaborative relationships, including discussing pitfalls and approaches to avoid those and reap the benefits.


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