About the Research Office

Wildcatalyst Seminar: Launching (Research-Based) Start-Ups -- ChromaNanoTech, LLC

Dr. Wayne Jones, Jr., Ph.D.
Dean of the UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences;
Co-founder, ChromaNanoTech, LLC

Dr. William Bernier, Ph.D.
Co-founder and CEO, ChromaNanoTech, LLC

Finding Funding - Strategies and Search Tools

Bag of money with pencil

Effective strategies for identifying external funding opportunities for research and scholarly activities transcend searching a database.  This workshop introduces a range of approaches and tools that help make searching for funding more productive and efficient.  


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Over 5 hosted lunches, UNH researchers and grants managers can learn about a variety of topics that enhance understanding about proposal development and award administration. 

This year’s topics include “the universality of peer review criteria”, proposal submission, post award grant management and university resources that support the research enterprise. 

Focus on Fulbright - Funding Opportunities for International Scholarship

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For nearly 70 years, American academics, administrators, and other professionals have taught and conducted research abroad through the Fulbright Scholar Program.  UNH has been well-represented among those scholars. 

Now, new opportunities and more flexibility have made the Fulbright programs more accessible than ever.  


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