Infrastructure Services

Data Storage

RCC offers network mountable data storage located inside the Lenharth Data Center serviced by RCC owned hardware.  Stored data is preserved by RAID on enterprise grade disks. Backup services are available for an additional chargeThe maximum allowed data classification is "sensitive", as defined by the UNH data classification policies.


Full data backups are performed on a weekly basis, and incremental backups are performed on a daily basis. RCC's backup charges are based on the most recent full backup for the month. 

Morse Hall Network Support

RCC maintains the wired network connections within the Lenharth Data Center.  Telecom maintains the network for all other rooms located within Morse Hall.

Hosting (Physical and Virtualized) & Server Administration

Linux, Windows and iOS system administration services are available.   These include installation of operating systems and applications, timely system updates, and account creation. The physical hardware may be located inside of RCC's Lenharth Data Center, in your office, or cloud based.  Enhanced security is available for hardware housed in the Lenharth Data Center.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

RCC's Lenharth Data Center is home to multiple HPC clusters, including a central shared cluster called Premise and a CRAY supercomputer called Trillian.  RCC supports every aspect of HPC for research, including discipline-specific facilitation.