Nicole S. Fox

PIRC Faculty Fellow
Nicole Fox

 Nicole Fox, Ph.D., received her doctorate in sociology from Brandeis University and researches how communities recover after mass violence paying particular attention to how gender based violence shapes reconciliation efforts and participation.  Her book, Rebuilding from the Ashes: Memory and Reconciliation After the Rwandan Genocide, (under contract with University of Wisconsin Press) focuses on how memorials to past atrocity shape healing, community development and reconciliation for survivors of genocide and genocidal rape. Her most recent project examines bystander intervention during mass violence, focusing on interviews with individuals who conducted acts of rescue.  Her scholarship has been published in the Journal for Scientific Study of Religion, Sociological Forum, Societies without borders, the International Journal of Sociology of the Family, among others.  Her work has generously been support by Prevention Innovations, along with research grants from the National Science Foundation, Andrew Mellon Foundation, TAG Institute for Social Values, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, and Society for the Study of Social Problems.