COVID-19 Health Screening

Health Screening for UNH Employees

Employee Health Attestation



Health Screening for Participants

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A simple health screening will be completed by program participants each day they are attending a UNH event. Health screening data is important and valuable should contact tracing be required in the event of a positive case of COVID-19.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure, participants must:

  • Complete a mandatory health screening questionnaire
  • Wear cloth or disposable face coverings. UNH will not provide face coverings to participants
  • Maintain physical distancing of a minimum of six feet between participants
  • Do not share equipment, devices, or other supplies
  • Maintain hygiene practices
There are 2 ways participants can access the Health Screening:


1. The participant health screening link can be used in an email invite, on an announcement or website, etc. An email template is available for staff to send participants prior to the event. Use this template when sending this link.

Participant Health Screening

3. Paper Health Screening for those participants without a smart phone, tablet or computer or has limited internet access.

Paper Health Screening

Information from the paper form must be input into the Qualtrics survey instrument within 12 hours of the event by a staff member.

Communication to Participants


An email template is available for staff to send participants prior to the event .

Email Template


  • The participant health screening is a Qualtrics Survey.
  • The screening should be completed prior to leaving home on the day of the event.
  • If a child is attending a program, the parent/guardian should answer the health screening questions for the child.
  • If all health protocols are met, the participant receives a Green Check upon completion.If they are not met, the participant receives a Red ‘X’and is instructed not to attend the event.
  • Staff must confirm that each participant show proof of the green check at point of entry. We recommend they complete the screening on a mobile phone and save a screenshot or photo to present upon arriving at the event/program. Other devices can be used, but the participant must have proof that the screening was completed with a green check.
  • The page with the green check will also include the participants name and date the screening was completed. The participant must complete the health screening on each day they are attending a UNH event.
  • If someone arrives at the event and shows staff a Red X, that means they answered ‘yes’ to one of the health screening questions. That person must be asked to return home and consult a health care professional. They are not to attend the UNH event.