COVID-19 Updates for OE Staff

The UNH Office of Outreach and Engagement is closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis as the safety of our students, event participants and staff remain our overriding priority. Outreach and Engagement has adopted a plan for phased resumption of programs with the intent of significantly reducing the potential spread of COVID-19 within our community.

We sincerely appreciate staff’s attention to COVID-19 protocols. As changes in protocols become necessary, more communications of this nature will occur. Send questions to Amy Loader or Cathy Leach, for questions specific to youth.

Status of Outreach and Engagement Operations

Message from the Outreach and Engagement COVID-19 Task Force:

We are writing to share an important update about our COVID-19 protocols in place to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 within our community.

Again, we sincerely appreciate staff’s attention to COVID-19 protocols. Please contact Amy Loader, member of the COVID-19 Outreach Task Force with questions.

Updated covid guidelines effective immediately

  • Everyone (including all faculty, staff, youth, students, vendors and visitors) at UNH, on all 3 campuses, is required to wear a mask in all public indoor areas* except when eating or in private offices.

  •  UNH Staff who work off-campus or deliver programs off-campus are required to wear a mask in public indoor areas.*
Public Indoor Areas*
  • Classrooms
  • Hallways
  • Restrooms
  • Breakrooms
  • Entries and Exits to Buildings
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Shared offices and work areas
  • Highly congested spaces and events
  • Elevators when riding with other people
  • Currently, UNH does not have a mask requirement outdoors and there are no limitations on outdoor gathering size. It is highly recommended that unvaccinated people wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings or during activities where there is sustained close contact with other people.
  • For youth programs, masks are required indoors for adults and youth, per CDC and UNH guidance

testing and health attestation

  • UNH does not require COVID testing for program participants.

  • UNH does require a health screening for program participants, both on and off- campus. This can be done prior to the event or on site. Verification can take the form of written or verbal self-attestation. Please refer to the participant health screening.

Participant Health Screening


  • UNH shared vehicle guidance: being in a vehicle with other people is considered an indoor, close environment. Therefore, mask use while traveling in multi-passenger vehicles is required.

UNH Travel Guidelines and FAQS

UNH COVID Updates and Safety Guidelines




Send questions to Amy Loader or Cathy Leach, for questions specific to youth.



All staff/faculty with approved activities will need to complete the COVID-19 Safety training module.

For UNH Users

Log in with your UNH Account. The training is available at the link below or under 'Training' on your dashboard.

For NON-UNH Users

  • Select the link below.
  • Under "Non-UNH employee/Student. click "Create Account"
  • During account creation:
    • for "User Status" choose "hourly emlployee"
    • select your Supervisor
  • Once the account is created, click the link below and log into the CEMS portal, still using the "Non-UNH Employee/Student" fields
  • Once logged in, you will be taken directly to the COVID19 Training Module
  • Click the "start online training" button to launch the training
  • Export the certificate of completion and send to your supervisor


COVID-19 Safety Training Module