Introducing the UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII)

Introducing the UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII)

Oct 10, 2012

Introducing the UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII).  SII is a new tool to manage and search the extensive collection of instruments at UNH.  It was developed by Research Computing and Instrumentation to provide a complete and accurate inventory of UNH’s scientific equipment and instruments for many purposes, including:

  • Identifying potential collaborations, internal and external to UNH
  • Providing easy access to information needed for research proposals to external sponsors
  • Determining potential availability/accessibility for broader equipment use on campus
  • Identifying opportunities to create “Core Facilities”
  • Identifying opportunities to pool service contract coverage to use institutional funds efficiently
  • Identifying when equipment/instruments need to be serviced or anticipating replacement

Last week email was sent to people who had been identified as custodians of equipment and/or instruments listed in the database.  The email requested that custodians view the documentation about SII at /research/scientific-instrumentation-inventory-sii and then log in to review and update the SII database. 

Thank you for your participation and please feel free to direct questions to John Wilderman at or 603-862-1092.

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