Internal Approval Form (aka Yellow Sheet) Modification

Internal Approval Form (aka Yellow Sheet) Modification

Mar 13, 2012

Dear UNH Research Community,

At the request of the UNH Disclosure Review Committee (The faculty committee responsible for the oversight of the financial conflict of interest in research program, aka DRC) we have amended the current Yellow Sheet language regarding financial conflict of interest in research to read as follows:

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (FCoIR): Does any UNH employee involved in the research, or any immediate family members, have any Significant Financial Interests (such as royalties, equity, consulting, or salary) in the sponsor or any other entities involved in the research; in intellectual property related to the research; or in products/ services related to the research? (For a definition of Significant Financial Interests, see UNH FCoIR policy at If “Yes”, has/have the affected individual(s) filed a Disclosure Statement per UNH policy?  Yes  No     (NOTE: Per UNH policy, affected individuals must file a Disclosure Statement prior to submission of a proposal for external funding ~ see /research/financial-conflicts-interest-research).

The change adds the bolded language at the end of the current text (after the Yes/No checkboxes). 

Please contact either Julie Simpson or Tammy Goldberg with any questions.


Victor Sosa


Victor G. Sosa, Director
University of New Hampshire
Sponsored Programs Administration
51 College Road, Room 107
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-2001 (-3564 for faxes)


SPA Main Number (603) 862-4865              

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