Sponsored Programs Topics from 5/26/11 Finance & Sponsored Programs Forum

Sponsored Programs Topics from 5/26/11 Finance & Sponsored Programs Forum

Jun 07, 2011

Research topics from the May 26, 2011 Finance & Sponsored Programs Forum are summarized below.

Topics covered: SPA Staffing Changes; Update on Effort Certification Implementation; IRB Training Requirement; Survey of Forum Attendees in July; and, SVPR Website Transition


Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Staffing Changes (Victor Sosa):

  • Victor introduced Amanda Pimentel, who has been hired in Research Administration as the Subrecipient Agreement Coordinator.  She will be handling all subaward/subcontracts.
  • The workload for Research Administration has been reassigned among the Grant and Contract Administrators effective July 1, 2011.  Due to technical difficulties (with the computer), Victor could not project the revised assignment list, but he will post it to the SPA website soon.  He will be contacting some departments/centers regarding the personnel reassignment.
  • New fringe benefit rates for FY12 sponsored programs have been finalized and should be used immediately in proposal budgeting.   The primary changes reflect the following:
    • The full rate for FY12 goes from 43.6% (provisional) to 45.4% (negotiated); 
    • The basic rate (aka, partial or FICA) for FY12 goes from 7.9% (provisional) to 9.3% (negotiated);   
    • The post doc rate for FY12 goes from 28.1% (provisional) to 32.5% (negotiated);  
    • The full rate for FY13, and beyond, goes from 43.6% (provisional) to 44.8% (provisional); 
    • The basic rate (aka, partial or FICA) for FY13, and beyond, goes from 7.9% (provisional) to 8.6% (provisional);  and 
    • The post doc rate for FY13, and beyond, goes from 28.1% (provisional) to 31.7% (provisional).  

Direct questions about the implementation of these rates to your SPA Grant and Contract Administrator.

Update on Effort Certification Implementation (Suzanne Huard):

  • Continue to make progress.   There remain some technical challenges which could cause us to postpone but at the moment, we are gearing up for opening the FY 11 certification period on 8/15/11 thru 9/30/11.
  • Scott Troy is working on electronic email notices (announcing the opening of the period and reminding about upcoming closing); David Browning is working on training and support; FAST/ECG working on the getting the Banner self-service environment ready.

IRB Training Requirement (Julie Simpson)

  • The UNH Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) is instituting a training requirement for any individual who submits an application for approval to use human subjects in research. 
  • Effective September 1, 2011, applications to the UNH IRB must include for the project director (applicant) documentation of completion of the UNH Web-based training on human subjects protections*.  The UNH IRB will not review applications missing this documentation.  (IRB application materials will be revised in the late summer of 2011 to reflect this requirement.)
  • The training module takes approximately 30 minutes, and is available at http://www.unh.edu/rcr/HumSubj-Title.htm.  Individuals who certify their completion of the module at the end will receive an email containing the necessary documentation to be submitted as part of the IRB application after September 1, 2011.
  • Anyone with questions should contact Julie Simpson in UNH Research Integrity Services at 603/862-2003.

Survey of Forum Attendees in July (Julie Simpson)

  • As promised at the beginning of the combined fora, Tammy, Julie, and Kerry met to discuss a survey of forum participants for feedback on a variety of topics, such as effectiveness of presentations, topics, length, day/time, room, etc.  It will be a short (5-10 minutes) Web-based survey that is planned for the end of July.

SVPR Website Transition (Kathy Cataneo & Lynnette Hentges)

  • Kathy explained the genesis of the redesigned website and introduced Lynnette, who walked participants through the key areas of the website.
  • Questions and feedback regarding the website should be directed to Lynnette.

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