Effort Certification News

Effort Certification News

Aug 30, 2011

Despite heroic efforts by many individuals involved in the project, significant technical challenges with the on-line effort certification module led to the decision to use the traditional paper-based process for the FY11 certification cycle.  Staff in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) are distributing the paper reports this week.  Deadline for return of signed certifications to SPA is Friday, September 30.

SVPR Nisbet issued an email communication today to all principal investigators and members of the UNH sponsored programs community.  The message noted the use of paper reporting and the deadline, provided links to the modified effort certification policy, and summarized the major policy changes.  Please see the policy and a document summarizing the changes at /research/effort-reporting-and-certification-0.    

Questions may be directed to David Browning (david.browning@unh.edu or 2-0609) or Tammy Goldberg (tammy.goldberg@unh.edu or 2-1948). 

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